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New to Forum, not to Boxers.

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Good Afternoon -

I am Heather, and mom to Hanna.   Hanna is 10 months old, brindle spayed female.  We are starting to take steps to train for for competiton obedience and/or agility shall she do well.    In 2008 we are planning on adding a male show prospect to our family, and right now just doing all the required research!

Love learning new things about the dogs as well as meeting new people.

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Welcome!!! glad to have you here. She is a beautiful dog. looking forward to the stories and discussions!!  :)

What a gorgeous girl! Hanna will love obedience and or agility if you decide to do it.  Have you ever done either in the past? Can't wait to hear some stories!
Welcome to the forum..What a gorgeous looking lady you got there...Look forward to hearing more about her & her ringwork as it happens
Welcome!  Hanna is beautiful...I love her coloring!
Nope, I have never done it before, but we are currently working on her basic control, and perfecting the heel postion.   In about three months, we are going to be taking some intro to agility training courses to see how she really does.

Thanks for all the nice comments!
She sure is a stunner! I'm really interested in getting into agility with Daisy. Let us know if Hanna enjoys it!

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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