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New to the Boxer community

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Hi everyone,

my name is Henny and I just adopted a 4 year old Boxer yesterday. We were fostering him for about 1 week but after a couple days, we already knew he was ours (and we were his!). We've named him Bunny because of his ears and the way he leaps, hops and runs. He's such a love! This is the first time we've every had a Boxer dog. We had two English Bulldogs who passed away in 2022 at age 11yo and we weren't sure we were ready for another dog yet but here we are :) I'm looking forward to getting to know other Boxer parents and also learning as much as possible about the breed.

Thank you!
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Well welcome aboard! And sorry about the loss of your other dog"s. I luv "BullDog's but I don't ... "Skate Board or Surf?" I live in the High NV Desert, lot's of scrub brush ... so :love: need a dog with "Ground Clearance. :)

But Welcome Aboard and Thank You for saving him!
thank you for the warm welcome! my bulldogs didn't surf or skate board (tho they did try the latter but ended up chewing the board rather than skating on it!). So far, I'm having so much fun taking Bunny for long walks and watching him play and just being a dog! :love:
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Welcome to the forum, you are going to love love the boxer. My boxer passed away 2 years ago from a brain tumor, he was only 5. At the time we had him and a standard poodle. We had gotten the poodle as the boxer was actually belonging to my daughter and I thought she may be moving out on her own. That didn't happen. Last year our local rescue need placement for a 5 month old standard poodle and we took him. So I am boxer less, I also had difficulty finding a rescue or a genetic health tested puppy. I am also now in my 70's so I think this is it for me. While I always want another because I've been a dog person my entire life but living on social security and the risen costs tell me I should not. So I still frequent this forum anyway because there are many great people here. Glad to see some new members and I h ope this forum gets a bit more lively.
I'm so sorry about your Boxer 💔. I think it's wonderful that you're still on this forum though and thank you so much for the warm welcome!
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