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New to the Boxer community

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Hi everyone,

my name is Henny and I just adopted a 4 year old Boxer yesterday. We were fostering him for about 1 week but after a couple days, we already knew he was ours (and we were his!). We've named him Bunny because of his ears and the way he leaps, hops and runs. He's such a love! This is the first time we've every had a Boxer dog. We had two English Bulldogs who passed away in 2022 at age 11yo and we weren't sure we were ready for another dog yet but here we are :) I'm looking forward to getting to know other Boxer parents and also learning as much as possible about the breed.

Thank you!
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Well welcome aboard! And sorry about the loss of your other dog"s. I luv "BullDog's but I don't ... "Skate Board or Surf?" I live in the High NV Desert, lot's of scrub brush ... so I need a dog with "Ground Clearance. :)

But Welcome Aboard and Thank You for saving him!
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