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New to this site.

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:lol:Hello Everyone, my name is Luann, and I am the proud owner of a flashy fawn male boxer named Ekim. Ekim is Mike spelled backwards, as my son and husband are named Mike. This dog is the light of my life and my best friend. I am awaiting the arrival of a new puppy at the end of the week. her name is going to be Delila. I hope my Ekim gets along with her as i have not just spoiled him I have rotted him like a bad tomatoe. Any advice for raising 2 dogs together will be greatly appreciated.
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LOL!!! mike backwards... thats great!  welcome!
Hi Luann and welcome to you and Ekim.  We got hooked on boxers with my male Kane (the velcro dog) and soon after added a baby girl (Sophie)l.  We love them both so much and although I have to check with the training experts from time to time to make sure they are really playing and not killing each other, they do get along great.  I think it is great to have two boxers as they keep each other company and the older one kind of helps the younger one learn the ropes.  Of course they are two times the work, but they are worth every minute of it.  Can't wait to see some pictures and hear all about Ekim and Delila.
Welcome, Luann...I sure understand the LOVE of a boxer...they are like NO dogs I have ever seen before...I have two boys...they are actually brothers, something that isn't recommended, but we are doing well thus far...we've worked with them quite a bit and relied heavily on advice here for training...this is an AWESOME resource!  I think you will find he enjoys the puppy...and if you can keep things balanced, it will be fine...if you are getting ready to hug one of them, pull them both in, when possible...and just pour on the praise and pets...boxers actually do really well in pairs! If the adjustment seems rough at first, hang in there...they are SO worth it and it really isn't so bad...I did two very, very little puppies at once and we just need to stay on top of things and stick to crate training, etc. when it comes to the little ones!

Again, welcome...and congrats on both of your babies! Can't wait to see pics!
welcome Luann!!  this is the place for any's been a fabulous resource for me with our first boxer.  :)
Welcome!  :)
Welcome from Oklahoma! Can't wait to see pictures of Ekim!
Welcome from Kiah and I.  You will love this forum.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on your soon to be new addition....Boxers are just so much fun in pairs..They entertain each other and us with their antics. Also a great benefit is a lot of time your pup will learn from your older boxer...When you first bring Delia, make sure that you closely supervise their time together and be ready to jump in if needed....You may also want to make sure that Ekim doesn't get neglected when you bring Delia home, it's easy to do, but just so he knows that he hasn't lost his place, feed him first, pet him first, give him a treat first..I did all those with Samson who is 10 1/2 when we brought Angel home at 18 mos and it really helped......Look forward to seeing pics of both Ekim & Delia
I couldn't have asked for a nicer welcome for Ekim and myself. It seems that this site is full of warmhearted boxer lovers. I am so happy to have found this site. I am really gratful for all the advice on puppy training, as Delila will be here in a few days.
Welcome to the forum from Tink and Maddy and me. You must be so excited for the arrival!!! I would not be able to sleep! lol At one point we actually had 3 boxers. They do love each other, might take some time to get used to each other. But when you see them sitting on top of each other as they sleep, you know they'll be fine. Defidently make sure you give both the same amount of love, just to make sure one doesn't feel abandoned. When we got Tink, Maddy did not take it well at all! The first week Maddy attacked Tink (asserting dominance.) But now Maddy sleeps with Tink, plays with her and does everything with her. She actually wont be somewhere without her.

Good luck with the arrival, and Welcome! :D
Hello and welcome. Love the name Ekim, what a neat idea! Congrats on getting the new baby Delila, can't wait to hear/see all about them.
Welcome to the forum, Luann.  I had to laugh at your "rotten tomato" comment - that describes my pair down to a tee!  In fairness, I don't know how anyone could have a Boxer and NOT spoil them - they're just eminently spoilable!

The only advice I would give in addition to everyone else's is not to have Ekim (love the name, btw!) on a lead or harness when you first introduce him to Delila - I made that mistake when we brought Hector home and it put Tink on the defensive big time - I thought she was trying to kill him!  Fast forward to the next day and we just let them sniff around eachother at their leisure, just keeping a close eye on them, and they've been inseparable ever since.  I actually have a video of their introduction I must put up here, it's hilarious!  In the meantime, here's a few still pics of their 2nd meeting - I just think Tink's face is priceless!

And the very next day, they were doing this...

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Hi and welcome from England! I love Ekim's name! That's really clever!

Wonderful pictures Eimear!!!  They just made my day!!!!  That is soooooooooooooo cute.  Great advice too!!!
Hey Luann and Ekim, welcome! :D
Welcome Luann! I have no advice on raising two boxers...yet  :lol:...You will find so much advice on this forum, everyone is so friendly and helpful! Would love to see some pics of your baby!

Eimar-I love the sleeping pic, sooo adorable!! ... F6wks4.jpg, By George I hope I did it , this is a pic of delila at the breeders 2 weeks ago
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