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Hello Everyone ! ! !

I'm excited to have found a forum dedicated to the Boxer breed. I myself have yet to get a Boxer buddy, but in the coming months I will be buying a white Boxer male. Just have to wait until moved into our new home and the fence is put up. But for the moment I get my Boxer fill from a friend's new Boxer, a blue spotted white Boxer female. She was just rescued yesterday and he has only had her for a day, but I will be seeing her again today and will be giving her a bath and cleaning her ears. Kind of dogsitting as well, seeing as he is coming over with her so that he can help move things out of what is soon to be mine and my boyfriend's new home.  She is so skinny yet, but I hope to get some photos of her today to share in the photo gallery. I adore her already, and as soon as our home is finished and we are moved in, our friend will be moving in as well with her. So more time with the beauty!

I hope to explore a lot here, find useful information, and learn a lot through my time spent here.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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