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I've been doing a lot of research as to our new dog we would like to get, and we think that a Boxador would be an amazing addition to our family. (We have 4 cats, a 20 month old and we plan on trying to get pregnant again next summer, so we want a family dog that will be happy to go with us everywhere and be great with the kids and cats)

From what I read, labs and boxers are both amazing with other animals and with children, so we were hoping to find a boxador puppy.

I saw someone has a litter of puppies for sale, but they were mostly all white. So my question is, do these look like boxadors? I've seen a lot of people try to pass off pit mixes as other breeds, so that was my only worry as we cannot have a pit here.

I'd really appreciate any input!

These are the pictures:

These are just a few there are a few more pictures. :)
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