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Newbie from Oklahoma

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I am Tabitha Simon and owner of Simon Sez Boxers.  I have had boxer for over 10 years and still learning new things everyday about the breed.  I am a proud mom of 6 right now, three rescues, Chopper, Tyler (whitegirl), and Dexter.  And my other three are my pride, Fancy, Luda and Dakota.  

I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning more as I go.  

Tabitha Simon
Simon Sez Boxer
Enid, Oklahoma
[email protected]
580 977 4757
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Welcome to BoxerForums! What is Simon Sez Boxers?
Well that is what I have called my kennel.  I have been trying for a long time to establish a nice line.  I think things might be coming into place.  We have plans for a very nice litter in March of 2007.  We did all the proper testing, found the right male and praying for a healthy litter.  

Welcome!! Glad to have you here. Mom of 6 huh? 8O  you are a brave  woman  :D glad to know that your rescues and even the non rescues have a wonderful mom who love them though.
Well Andrea, they say boxers are like chips.  Just can't have one.  I love the breed and each one has a unique personality that makes me smile.
Count us in on those boxer chips.  We couldn't have just one either  :D   Welcome, by the way!  I would love to see some pictures of your brood.
Thanks for the welcome everyone.

As for pictures, I left my wonds that had all my pictures at home, so as soon as I remember to bring it or use it at home, I will let you all see my babies.  

Fancy is in California at the moment.  I so miss her sweetness.  I can't wait to pick her up at the end of next month.  I also wanted to brag a little,  we are getting a new boxer puppy girl.  So I will be stewing over names coming up.  Really hard until I get to watch her.  She too will be picked up when I pick up Fancy.  

Guess I will really have my hands full when they all come home.   :roll:
I understand that!! My baby is only 13 weeks, and i am anticipating getting my second boxer so that she will have a friend. I want to get her out of that puppy stage (we are having issues with the housebreaking!!) before i do that, but i have already started my research on finding her her new friend.
Oh, by the way, I wanted to say, your two, Scout and Gunner, are very nice.  What cuties.  

Do you plan to do any showing?
[quote="Babs4Boxers\";p=\"1621":2aokwrjo]Well Andrea, they say boxers are like chips.
No, we are not planning on showing them.  We had thoughts about it but both of them do not have the traits to do so.  They are wonderful pets and we love them unconditionally!
Wow! What great names your boxers have got! I've got a white female, Daisy! I know, not quite as original as the names yours have got!
Daisy is 20 months old now and myself and my boyfriend keep having the debate as to whether we should get another boxer friend for Daisy! It's just that she's such a mummy's girl, I wouldn't want her getting all jealous and upset! That makes me sound pretty daft doesn't it?!?
However, the debate continues! We may come to a decision one day!


NO you don't sound draft.  My first boxer was very needy of me and was always right next to me expecially when another dog tried to get some loving.  But I do have to admit, I was primarily the reason for her behaviors.  I treated her like an equal and didn't establish the alpha position.  She was my baby, my child and my security after a bad relationship.  I still think of my boxers as my children and love them dearly, but have set boundries.  

I think a companion can be a great thing.  Now would be a good time to start while she is still young and tolerant.  

I have two boys who don't like each other.  One was 5 when we got him and the other was a pup.  The 5 year old was not willing to tolerate the pup's playful nature and now they have sour feelings towards each other.  Only those two, not any other males seem to bother either of them.  Not to say this will happen to others, we have a 10 year old female who is still as playful as a pup.  She is very tolerant of the others, she will discipline them but not become angered.  

One thing to remember, your 20 month Daisy may discpline a pup but that doesn't mean she is not getting along with it.  Trying to distinguish the differnce can be difficult but you should know your Daisy well enough to be able to tell the difference.  I believe it is part of the process for the older to teach what is acceptable and what is not to this pup.  Others may think differently.  Maybe others have some experiences to share on the topic.  

If you decide on a new pup, good luck and I wish for the simplist of establishing a health relationship between the two.

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Well I did remember some of my picture.  I only have with me Fancy, Luda and Dakota.  As soon as I have pictures of the other three on my wond, I will post them as well.

Well I sure do hope this worked out ok.  I attempted to attach three pictures, First was Dakota, then Fancy and last was Luda.  Well I guess I will find out when I post this.

Well it didn't seem to work like I had planned.  I think my pictures are too big.  I may have to wait until I am home to downsize them.  

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