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Have had Dyna, a 10 month old female fawn for 2 weeks. She was at the Animal Shelter and I can't imagine a better behaved puppy. She is my first Boxer so I'm am sure to have plenty of questions.
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Welcome-- you'll get alot answered here.. cute pup!!
Hello and welcome! Cant wait to get to know you and Dyna-such a lovely baby to be left in a shelter. Glad you took her home!
:-h Welcome to the forum!
Welcome from central N.Y. Congrats on your first Boxer. You've joined the right place being a new boxer owner.
We have 2 Boxers  Donner and Blitzen a flashy brindle and a ******. Dyna is a beautiful pup.
Hello & Welcome!  Dyna is a cutie, so glad you rescued her!!
Welcome from Iowa.  This website has really helped me this past year, great source of information.
Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to learning with Dyna. She is a very smart girl with a great disposition/temperment. She currently has an upper-respiratory infection from the pound I rescued her from and recovering swiftly. She is all puppy but has not cared to chew on anything other than her toys. I feel very fortunate to have found her.
What a cutie!  Thanks goodness you found her.  It's so sad that so many end up at shelters.
Welcome from Washington state! So glad you took that sweet one home! You will find a lot of info here and a lot of great people and their pups!
Welcome from Texas and kudos to you for rescuing Dyna!
Welcome! You came to the right place to get your answers.
Welcome to the forum...Congrats on being owned by a Boxer...Dyna is a lovely girl....Look forward to hearing more about her
Welcome from Fl! I am still new here too but I love it! You have a beautiful little girl :)
Hello.  I think I "welcomed" you in another post.
Just wanted to mention that our Henry is a rescue too. :wink:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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