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No puppy til May.....sniff sniff

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:cry: I am just soo sad right now....Got an e-mail from Rhonda apoligizing that she hadn't told me that the litter she was planning for now didn't happen, it was a miss. She did let me know that Charlie is in full season and is being bred now, so pups will be due in March, keep your fingers crossed for me guys, that was supposed to have been my Christmas present....I was getting soo stoked for a puppy too  :)
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Oh sorry Willow, the next one will make the puppy extra special:)
Aww, too bad. Sorry Willow.

I still think you're crazy for wanting 3 of them  :p
Heather, I truly hope so, obviously it wasn't meant to be this time....Lol Mark, and why not 3 boxers? Samson is a breeze anyways, he takes care of himself pretty much & Angel really needs a playmate..She gets bored cos Samson won't entertain her :lol:
If I had the yard for a third, I would def get a third.  They are addictive, however with these two, and all they are involved in, Id need a 3rd job to support the 3rd!!!!
Lol, well I may have to sell something to have 3, just joking, but I have the yard, so I figure, why not?
Think of the bright side, no potty training in the winter, With that new fence the puppy can be outside all summer and fall, maybe you won't have to potty train at all. This just wasn't the right time for a new puppy, your special puppy is going to come, when the time is right
I am sorry it didn't happen but May will be a great time to get a puppy, the weather will be nice so the puppy can play outside more and enjoy the yard.
Willow,  when you get your new pup make sure you take a picture of her in a washtub and then you will really see how hard it was to get 6 of them to pose.

Really sorry you have to wait, but in the end when you bring home your new little bundle of energy(Joy??) you will be glad you waited.

ahh willow that stinks, but it wasnt meant to be....who knows why. I know you wanted that pretty pup now, but March isnt THAT far around the corner :D best of luck with this next litter
aww that stinks!
AWWW, I'm soooo sorry to hear this, we'll be helping you count the days until May. You can borrow my mantra if you want, "this is a test, this is only a test" Worked for me ......for  awhile :lol:
Awww that sucks Willow! You know, when your baby finally arrives you will be so glad that it worked out the way it did...all this waiting will be soo worth it! But, I know it is hard to be so excited for something then be let down... :(...Ah well, the fence will be good and broken in for when the little munchin arrives!

I dunno if I could ever do 3!! Maybe because right now Sadie is such a handful LOL! When she gets older we want to get a brother for her possibly through rescue...then we'll see on the third. LOL
im sorry that your puppy isnt coming yet but remember to think is still coming!!! are you expecting a boy or girl? and just think, this gives you more time to get toys and crates and everything set up extra perfect for the pup. Waiting makes you love things even more :p
Donya, I am definitely going with a male, Samson will do fine with a pup, so hoping that he will have a couple more years with him before something happens, which is the main reason we are going for number 3 now.....

Lol Lori, I will start using your chant, definitely..After all you went thru to find Blitzen, I have faith....And yes housebreaking will be a bit easier in May rather than March that's for sure....

Alexa, I would have loved to go the rescue route, except for Samson, we all agreed that it would be a much easier transition if the male was a pup....

Thanks you guys for your words of encoragement, it helps, now, do me a favor, no more new puppies!!! It is driving me nutz  :lol:
Awww, I know it's disappointing, but it will happen, and when it does, it will be all the more exciting.

The bright side is that you'll have your baby when the weather breaks - winter puppies are no fun at all (mud, rain, potty training woes). :)
bummer! it can be a mother's day present instead of a x- mas present! :) i got sumya in may and i am so glad i did rather than the winter time.potty training was so much easier
Sorry to hear that but I am sure that March will come soon and you will be able to pick out your new baby!

Our Zig was born on March 1st and it was really nice working with him over the summer for training.  Was nice not to freeze to death taking a puppy out in the middle of the night.
I am so sorry to hear that you have been disappointed.  It's so tough to wait - but March will be here before you know it.
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