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Not new to the board- just new user name

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Hi everyone!!!
I decided to change my user name.  jeanathanh2o is the user name I use for all of my logins .  It was confusing for me to have a different user name only here.

I have been off the board for several months so for all of you who are new since I have been gone- Hey Howdy Hey!
I have one boxer girl Ginsy, she is 11 months old; recently spayed, floppy docked and spoiled
I now also have a stray mutt that decided to adopt us before Christmas this year; we named him Chance
and 4 children ages 8 (will be 9 in April) 7, 5 and 3 (will be 4 in Feb)  I am a stay at home homeschool Mom, a nationally certified and licensed neuromuscular massage therapist.  And I have recently decided to go back to college for a second degree after 15 years.  I am taking classes at night so I do schoolwork with my children during the day-  they think that is super cool.
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what was your previous name??

Stephanie aka Nate487
Welcome back!  Sounds like you have your hands full!  Good luck with your degree!
Welcome back! Good luck with school, that must keep you busy
Welcome back, what is the second degree in? Going back to school is lot of work but well worth it.
Hello to you and GINSY!!! No wonder why you haven't been on in a while!! SOUND... BUSY BUSY!!

You MUST post recent pics of Ginsy!!! I bet she's more gorgeous than before!
Kudo's for you for going back to school with 4 young children. It is a lot of hard work but it will pay off in the end. Love the name Ginsy.
wow 4 kids and 2 dogs?  You are crazy woman!
Homeschooling 4 little kids?!?!?!?  Sounds like my worst nightmare! :lol:
But hey, if you can do it, more power to ya! :D
I LOVE homeschooling!  I getto see my DC all day and experience their individual personalities and characters in a very personal and intimate way.  I know their strengths and weaknesses and I know what works best for their learning.  I can cater to each learning style and I am not too busy with 20+ other "students" so i have all the time each of them needs. :D  Just not much time for housecleaning  :oops:   But truthfully the house isn't dirty, just cluttered :wink:  

My previous username was 1stboxer because Ginsy the white eared puppy is my first boxer- I grew up with Boston Terriers.  After having Ginsy and seeing how hard it is for the kids to work with her; walk her etc some days I wonder if I shouldn't have gotten a boston again :roll:  She is getting so darn BIG- I'm not used to that :oops:  Still it is a joy having her.

Mastray- I will try to getsome new pics posted.  You won't believe how BIG she is now and she is really small for a boxer- 44lbs whe we had her spayed in Jan.
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