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NW Ohio Area anyone? (BG, Toledo)

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Jethro and I are looking for some fellow boxers to socialize with and maybe even do a few Boxer burns with.....

Shout out beofre the 14" of snow hits Weds!
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Toledo is only a couple hours from me and I have some family up there :) No way I can make it to play before the snow falls though. lol
That's not too far, today would have been a beautiful day for it but I am too busy trying to help my daughter prepare for a nail competition at school tomorrow. We should try sometime to hook up though, are there places near you to take the dogs?
Yard works great :) we have never tried a dog park yet. We are supposed to be hit with ice when you get this snow storm...ugh! Personally I would rather have the snow over ice anyday. Maybe when this weather breaks and it's not too muddy out we can get them together and possibly if there are others in the area they can make plans to join too. Do you ever come down the Dayton way? We also have a nice sized fenced in back yard they could box & burn around in.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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