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Hi Jerry,
As with any dog chew, there is danger of intestinal blockage. The bigger danger with Nylabones is that they're clear, so they don't show up on xrays. There were multiple cases in which pieces of Nylabone blocked the dogs' intestines. They pulled films on the dogs but could not find the obstruction. Upon autopsy, they found the pieces of Nylabone, but realized that it had not shown up on the films because it was clear in color. ... m#Nylabone

More information on dog chews in general: ... 7520.shtml

Greenies are as equally dangerous (if not more), as they are also meant to be eaten, and can cause obstruction.

I prefer to give the big raw beef soup bones. They are too large for them to break apart and swallow, and they basically just grind on them, which cleans their teeth. Even if they were able to break a piece off, raw bone (not cooked!) is much more likely to be digested than is nylon (a material that it is totally foreign to the canid digestive system, whereas raw bone isn't; and so says thousands of years of canine evolution) so it will eventually be digested and pass or be thrown up. . . Plus there is a certain amount of nutritional value with raw beef bones.

Having said that, as with ANY recreational chew, supervision is key. If it looks like my dogs are getting into their beef bones a bit too much, and beginning to break chunks off, I remove them.

Hope this helps!
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