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We did the PetSmart obedience class - I agree a waste of money.  I am putting Chloe in a large training center (they do K-9 dogs and a whole bunch of compeition training and one-on-one training for dogs with issues) - it is pretty pricey - $175 for 6-week class.  However, they offer "wrok-study" which is you come in an answer phones, clean-up etc. and they give you a class for free - maybe the centers in your area offer something similiar?

The reason Chloe is going back to to help us with the "problem stuff" - like her increasing fears when outside the house (box trucks, men, other people on bikes, motorcycles, .....) and her increasingly poor behavior in the house (stealing things and running from us, jumping up on my youngest son, biting the kids clothes and tearing them).  It really is for us to learn how to deal with these things.   Chloe is 9 months old and I have a hard time physically being able to control her when she gets all spastic; so DH and I figured we needed some outside help.  

Chloe does tricks - sits and waits to be fed, only eats her food once given the command to do so, she will run with me on my bike, she walks fine on a leash, she shakes, barks on command, sits, stays, lays down, fetches, catches, rolls over.  So I really think obediance is needed when there is a behavior problem the owner needs help with.  Don't feel bad about it :wink:
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