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Sounds liek yu are doing a pretty good job! As for girl is almost 2 and she isnt that big of a jumper but she still does it and Ive had to put my foot down due to me being HUGE el prego lol But keep her leash on at all times in the house and when she jumps either turn around and ingnore her (if its jumping on you) and just simply step on the leash so she cant jump when its on other people! Coming when called was a hard one for us(she still doesnt do it 100%) but get a long leash I think the are about 25 feet and keep it on her while outside, call her, if she comes praise her tons and if she doesnt just grab the leash and guide her to you! Also IMHO DO NOT chase her if she runs! She will just think its a game and it will never stop. What I did was get Roxys attention and run the other way so she will chase YOU!!! Well thats all I have lol

PS Remember she is still a puppy and Boxers tend to stay pups for awhile! AFter my girls first bday she calmed down quite a bit and has calmed down since then! She approaching her second bday!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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