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Oh boy, new toys!!!

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I am getting soo addicted to buying toys, I have to restrain myself at times....Angel loves playing Frisbee and had a great one, but I left it on the back deck and some damn critter, varmit who knows took off with it, sooo had to get some new ones!!!! These are called Whirl Wheels, they are rubber and fly like Frisbees, but easier on Boxers mouths, and they have a squeaky in the middle...I got 2 of them, the small and large and Samson loves it, Angel does too, she carries it around like a security blanket..Here's what they look like and a couple pics of my babies, knawing on them, not quite what they are designed for, but seem to stand up to it very well..... :)

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By the looks of it I think Samson and Angel think they are pretty tasty too!  :)  They look interesting, reasonably priced too.
Looks like soo much fun! I love your babies Willow  :love:
Awhh... what cuties... I always go looking to buy those things and never do!! LOL What a bad mommy I am... they are lovin' them!!
awww samson is soooo cute! glad he loves the toys.
Those look like really sturdy toys!  I too am a toy addict too and thanks for posting this.
[quote="Kate\";p=\"39838":pxwb1gor]Those look like really sturdy toys!
Those are great, Kiah found a blue one at the dog park and carried it around all the time we were there.  She wanted to take it home but since it wasn't ours I made her leave it.  Now I know where I can get them and there is another Christmas present.  Thanks Willow.
Ahhhhhh :D  so cute! Samson's giving that toy a bit of an affectionate licking - he must REALLY love it :lol: ! What toys Voltaire doesn't lose in the trees and leaves, he chews to pieces - it's so annoying!!! One of his favourite toys was a pair of old socks i tied together. They got pulled, chewed up and dribbled on and they smelled SOOOOO bad i had to stop him from bringing them in the house! You know how they like to get right up and stick the favourite toy right in your face so you'll play :roll: ...well it was nauseating!
That's a wonderful site Willow and much cheaper than the toys in the stores around here.  I'm in toy buying heaven!!!
Nice photos! Are those toys from the same place that the wubba kong is from?

Those do look cool.  I may have to add that to Fiona's Santa list :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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