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Ok here they are lol

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Ok guys here are the pics from today!! Be warned there are alot!

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Heres more!

and heres Sasha!!!! She is why they called the female dog a B***h!! lmap
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Im jealous! I want to play in the water too! She looks like shes having so much fun.
She loves the water...........if its below her chest lol
Too cute! I can't wait to take Odin to the beach!
aw SO cute!! is it as warm in NY now as it is in MN? we are in the 80s now every day!
Lol Cindi, there's no such thing as too many boxer pictures...Roxy sure does enjoy the water, huh? How's she doing with the slide? I bet she's a pro at it by now....Great pics.... :)
Looks like Roxy is really enjoying herself!
Looks like they had a blast playing in the water!  They are adorable!
Awesome pics!!!!
Yay!!! A boxer that likes water!!! Gives me hope! She's beautiful! Sasha's beautiful as well..
Thanks guys!! Its sricking in the 80s here too!! Last weekend it was 50 and raining lol

Willow she is definetly a pro at it lol Every single time we head out to play she runs over sits down next to it and stares at me!! Like hello mom over here I need a little help lol Its too funny Ill have to get some pics of it again and post them!
Roxy's looking as beautiful as ever :D
I must get a little pool for Voltaire...when he goes in the pond he smells rank! :sick:
Its funny because PetsMart actually sells kiddy pools now lol They are quite a bit smaller but are only $8!!!! Im thinking of getting one to put down in Roxys kennel!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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