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Ok Iv about had it with Baxter.

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Baxter is a VERY smart dog, I had him siting, shaking, coming, laying down and speaking buy week 3.
This kid can not get  it through is thick skull to go poo and pee out side.
I take him out plenty. I know he can hold it he holds it all day while I'm at work. He wont go in his crate but he sure as
hell thinks the rest of the house if free domain.
I take him out every hour so I know he has plenty of chances to go.
I can not really block him off in the kitchen I have a open house plan. He will sit on the couch for 3 hours with me but as soon as his feet hit the ground he is doing his business while I'm turning on the light.
No he does not give signs he just stops pees or poops.
No he does not have a physical problem he's just hard headed.
I'm a single dad and do not have time to tie his sorry a$$ to me with a leash. Having a 13 week old boxer puppy tied to you means you cant really get anything done.
Sorry for the rant but baxter is about to become a outside dog if he doesnt learn to go out side. I know he is a puppy but can we at least wimper cry skratch go to the door hold up a sign that says daddy can we go outside now or any thing.
I make him ring the bell every time we go out and have done that since day one. He's just plain hard headed. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
What I''m hoping is with age he will finally get it, henz the light bulb will click on.
Iv done the positive training thing and not disciplined him and  have praised and treated him every time he has gone outside.
but the newspaper is getting ready to come out cuz I'm not sure what else to do except leave him out side.
He hates going out side If I'm not out there with him he will just sit at the door and wait for me to open it.
Oh yea I put out puppy pads too and have not even a drop of pee on the puppy pad for 3 weeks

Sigh............................If any one has any bright ideas please let me know.
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I hear your frustration but just keep working with him.  Samson is 7 months old and still has some pee accidents in the house.  Cross my fingers its been a couple of weeks since he's went poo in the house.  I just keep telling myself that he's still just a baby it isn't much different than potty training a child...and trust me my youngest son was so hard headed i figured he'd been wearing diapers till he was in high school.  lol It will get better!
keep giving him a treat when he does go outside....I think the key thing here is to reward him after every time he goes outside, this way he will make the association that when he goes outside he gets a treat.
Samson07 is right :) I think there is no solution in this age... every dog is diferent. Oscar is 6 month old and still Im going nuts bc he has his days when he pee like crazy in the house.... definitely one day it will get better :)
also I forgot to mention that after he does have an accident in the house you might want to try bringing him close to the accident and point at it and in a firm tone of voice say NO, and then put him outside, or go out with him if you have to....this is what I did with Gaby, and now when I take her out she pretty much goes on command...
We are still training Maple and the first week was pretty hard I was washing her bedding twice a day, the one thing I read (don't remember where) is when you catch them in the act startle them, say "NO" and grab them and set them outside, when Maple is startled she usually stops peeing or pooping and then I stay outside with her till she goes (sometimes for a while) but what I started doing is if I'm outside for a while and she doesn't go I bring her back in and block off the access to her crate and anywhere else where she can soil something I watch her closely and stay by the door and the second she goes to the door I take her out again, usually by the 2nd or 3rd time she'll go, or sometimes she'll forget to go to the door and start going so I try to startle her and take her out.  Hope that helps and good luck :)
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GabysDaddy\";p=\"85199 said:
also I forgot to mention that after he does have an accident in the house you might want to try bringing him close to the accident and point at it and in a firm tone of voice say NO, and then put him outside, or go out with him if you have to....this is what I did with Gaby, and now when I take her out she pretty much goes on command...
Yea that's what iv been doing for the past few days. When I take him out he will go pee first then go sniff around want to go in i'll say go potty (he knows what it means) then he will try in go pee again Ill say go potty again and he will then poop. He does good at potting out side it just when he feel the urge to go if were not out side well he goes right where he is.
Thank you for the suggestion.
sadly 13 weeks is still very young to expect too much out of him. My Reese is 1 and just recently stopped having accidents in the house. Most of the time it was my own fault i will admit, the biggest thing is to keep a watch on him. I know the single parent thing is i am a single parent as well, and i have 3 boxers to deal with  :wink: :) and when you are trying to clean or do something and you got a puppy under your feet it can be a bit exasperating (sp??) i would suggest if you cant keep an eye on him to put him in the kennel and be sure to take him out immediatly after pulling him back out. Also if he is chilling with you on the couch, instead of turning the light off first, take him out and let him go potty, then come in and turn the light out. Go back to basics, and just remember to take out when he wakes up, after playing, or after eating. It is hard, but in the end it is worth it!
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Another thing is if he hasn't gone in a while and you suspect he might before he makes it outside you might want to carry him, I had to do that with Maple a few times.
:lol: Okay Boxerboys take a deep breath!

Britney is 4
the only solution we found (and I was training TWO at once with FOUR sons and functioning as a single Mom at the time as my hubby was out of town) was to use a timer when I was home...they were in their crate(as you said, he doesn't goes in his crate!) then straight outside...if they didn't pee, they were RIGHT back in the crate for another half hour or longer if I was busy...when they DID GO outside, then I set the timer for 15-20 minutes and they could be out...when the timer went off, they were back in the worked beautifully...they did get it...and if I got to thinking they were ready for more time adn it didn't work, we went back to the simply have to accept that he's too young at this point...and that isn't your fault, and it isn't his fault...he CANNOT have free roam if you want him to go outside! AND, NO PUPPY PADS...they don't do anything but cause confusion!  I have trained three of them now in the last year and they do great...because we stuck to the plan...yes, it's work...but, it's worth it...and if you can't be sure of their ability to communicate and you're busy, then they are IN the crate. Period. It might sound harsh...but, it beats yelling at them and scaring them...fear only SLOWS learning...

Good luck
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I know that many people disapprove of this type of training...but I have found that when I catch my two in the act...and take them near the accident and yell at the NO...they seem to get it...along with doing the positive reinforcement outside.  we began with Jetta just praising outside...and by about 3 months, she didn't "get it"...we began to include the showing her and the loud NO...within 2 accidents she started to "get it"...I don't hit, and I don't "rub the nose in it" just show and NO...good luck
I think everyone else gave some pretty good advice. Boxers do generally take a little longer though to potty train. I think Xena took about 7 months...maybe slightly longer. Zoe is starting to catch on now at 4 months but we still have our fair share of accidents. My only advice that hasnt already been given is to stock up on paper towels and cleaning solution. We went to Costco and bought a HUGE pack of paper towels and went through them in about 3wks-1 month. Patience is definitely key when potty training your boxer. Good luck! Hope everyone's advice helps and everything works out ok!
Try cleaning the spots where he has peed with odor remover cleaning product that neutralizes the odor that way he doesn't associate that spot with where he goes to the bathroom when he smells it. Lucy would always go in the same spot, I never got around to buyng odor eliminating stuff cause we had hard wood floors and I would always mop it up. also I ended up blocking off the areas where she kept going and we saw less bathroom accidents....or maybe she just learned to hide it better!  :D  But I've always read that neutralizing the odor will help
Can you leash walk him around the yard outside, and try to see if he shows any signs of stress or fear?  This foster rescue would shake when he heard an airplane or a bird outside.  It was a scary place for him to be.  When he first pooped outside a huge snowplow went by.  Wouldn't you know.  I dog that's scared is not going to relax enough to do their business.

On the other hand my Boxer was as stubborn as a mule, so there's always that factor.
I soooo feel your pain!!! We are on potty patrol here too. Donner was extremely easy to house train, Blitzen, not so much 8O We'll have a few good days in row (just to get my hopes up) then it's back to walking around with a roll of paper towels in my hand :(  The concept of ringing the bell is lost on her!!! Most of the time we make it out to poop but she'll pop a squat to tinkle ANYWHERE. I've sorta figured out her cues and try to catch her in time!!!! I KNOW it's frustrating but both our pups are still little and are learning soooo many things right now, I'm sure both Baxter and Blitzen will catch on in time.........I'm gonna have to check into buying Bounty stock, with all the new puppies on here lately it's bound to be going up soon  :lol: Good luck  let us know how Baxter's doing!
PS just to add to my frustration yesterday when Dad and Donner were outside w/out her, little ditzy blitzy was ringing the bell like a crazy woman!!!!!! So....she knows it means "go out" just hasn't had that magic light bulb moment yet to connect it to potty time!
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I'm gonna have to check into buying Bounty stock, with all the new puppies on here lately it's bound to be going up soon  Laughing
LOL funny.................

Thanks for all the suggestions and support guys.........
When I wake up in the morning the FIRST thing I do is walk to his crate and take him out to go potty.
That's what I did this morning.........he went pee but no poo. so we came inside walked straight to the bathroom so I could take a shower I looked down at him took off my shirt look back down at him.......AND WHAT DO I SEE BUT A LITTLE DOGGY POOPING IN MY FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Come on man we hadn't been in side for 2 minuets and he poo's on the floor.
so I cleaned it up and did my thing knowing he was empty now............shigh......I swear I'm going to get the boy some diapers
First thing, ditch the pee pads and make sure you are using a suitable product to clean up messes like Natures Miracle.  You are sending a mixed message with the use of the pads.  I want you to go on these in the house but I don't want you to go in the house.  You need to go out with him, not just put him out the door.  Take him outside to the same spot to potty everytime.  It will already have a scent and this should help him associate it with THE place to go and use the term "let's go potty.".  Praise him like crazy everytime he does go, "good potty!" and give him a treat if you'd like.  Walk him around so he can decide if he needs to go more.  Don't take him right back in after he does his thing or he won't go as they associate that with the end of fun time out in the yard.   Let him have a little fun out there with you so he knows how happy you are that he went.  

Please don't take a newspaper after him if he messes in the house.  That is old school and can really mess up a dog.  I just got done doing a lot of private lesson work with a dog that became a fear biter because someone had used the newspaper on him.  In fact, it is best to ignore that something happened and put the culprit up where he can't see while you clean up the mess.  Don't say a word.  Put him in the bathroom or crate as calm as you can be and clean it up with NM or similar product.  If you make a big deal over it it becomes a GAME.  You don't want that message getting across.  

The easy part is bringing that puppy home and now the work begins.  It will really begin when he turns "toddler" and all your efforts will need to be doubled.  You must always be fair, consistant and clear with what you want from him. You will appreciate all you have learned from your pup when your son becomes a teenager and patience will be a virture.  

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IMO any dog after being in his crate for the night will have to pee and poop, so like nano has stated above "Walk him around so he can decide if he needs to go more."....It may take him awhile but you must wait for him to go...I understand you were probably getting ready for work so time is a factor, so you might consider waking up a bit earlier to give him the time he needs to go....You can try running around the yard with him, sometimes the running activity helps bring on the need to go....

good luck, and hang in there....things will get better!
He is still very young and will probably have many accidents until he is fully trained.
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