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ok, this is really, really funny!!

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the other morning my wife stumbled upon our two bassett hounds halloween costumes that were packed up. so she decided to put the cap to Harley's bumblebee costume on Petey. He hated it. Luckily she was able to get a couple of pics of it. I hope you all enjoy them as much as we do!! I still don't know how to shrink pics down to put them here with the text that I type, so I had to put them on his gallery. really funny.--Rich
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He looks like he's planning to fix your wagon alright!  Tink is like that, she HATES wearing any kind of clothing whatsoever.  I put one of my jumpers on her one night she she had it torn to shreds in about 4 seconds.  Serves me right, I suppose...
[quote="Honeyec\";p=\"18052":ryqsbes0]He looks like he's planning to fix your wagon alright!
I also put one up of him snoring that shows his "big-boy" teeth as my wife calls them starting to come in. She calls him "her little piglet" because it's so easy to see the pink skin under his white fur and the shape of his ears. Everyday he entertains us in a new way. Really funny puppy--Rich
Yes, you can really tell Petey does NOT like the bumblebee hat!  :roll:  I loved that first picture of him snoring. That boy is too cute, and is getting bigger by the minute!  :)
Oh, those pictures are so cute.  The bumblebee hat is adorable but he certainly isn't happy wearing it  :lol:
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