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OMG... it's happened

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what do I do now?

Ok so when I got home from work today my hubby tells me that Damien humped his sister Jasmine for the 1st time this afternoon.  I understand this is normal behavior (?) they are 4 months old and are really brother and sister (litter mates)... we have decided to spay Jasmine at around 6 months but go forth w/ all the testing to possibly see if Damien could potentially sire pups one day.  
(while I'm eating my dinner I was given a show and Damien humped her 2 more times)

My questions are:
--- do I break ut up when he does it to her? (she has been fighting back / playing rougher w/ him) maybe this is his way of showing dominance.
--- there seems to be quite a bit of space b/w him and her when he is doing the humping... is it only a matter of time until he actually for real tries to mate w/ her (?) or is it just a fustration / dominance issue?
--- is there anything else I need to know?

Thanks guys
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Right now I would tend to lean to a dominance thing.
lol...we have only had this issue with Bo and Jetta about 3 times since we got him...we simply say "Bo, NO!" and he stops...he has learned at our home to not do it at all...and only seems to do it at my mom's house where her neutered dogs go at Jetta the entire time...I think they forget that they are short a couple pieces of 4 months, there really is no danger and can be play, dominance, just about anything...if you are uncomfortable with it, just say "Damien, NO!" and give him a toy instead, lol...I can just imagine how your hubby reacted to it, lol...puppy porn/incest, lol
I agree, definitely dominence, esp if Jasmine is starting to get a bit more aggressive, Damien is doing the same...Let him know that is not acceptable behavior, just keep repeating it and it will start to sink in..Like Heather said, until Jasmine actually comes into season there is no risk of her becoming pregnant, so you can rest easy there..Jamie had a good suggestion, divert his attention,, a toy works wonders  :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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