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One of Samson's fav sleeping places

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Samson is very much a Momma's boy and where I am is generally where he will be...One of his favorite sleeping places is under the desk in the office...Which is generally fine, unless he's stretched out so much it doesn't allow any room for my legs  :lol: Caught these the other nite of him taking a snooze under my feet....

On a side note, we bathed the dogs yesterday and boy did I notice the silver and gray creeping up on his legs....OMG, my baby is looking like an old man! Lol, but I love him, he can get as gray as he wants...Or maybe I'll get some Grecian formula for dogs...                                                                                                                                                                    

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no, no, no, grecian formula!! You leave that boy alone!! He is one silver distinguished gentleman!!  :)

Samson looks great, as always!
he is so cute!
he looks great...awww,what a cute pic. little bit loves to sleep under my computer desk.
Awww... what a sweetheart. Graying is good... means he's experinced and it makes him very distinguished. I bet he gets attention from all the lady boxers. :)

Odin loves to sleep under my feet... at least at the computer desk... he's too big already to sit in my lap at my desk. LOL
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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