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Orbee-Tuff Ball

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Does anyone know where I can hold of Orbee-Tuff balls in the UK? Also, what size would you recommend?

The only one I can seem to find is the Woof and Fetch Ball on eBay but I quite liked those Globe balls

Also, they seem quite expensive for a ball, are they really that good? What kind of weight are they as well - could I confidently throw it around the house, like a tennis ball, without worrying that may knock the 3,000 year old ornament from the mantle piece!!!
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We actually just had a conversation about those.  They are great.  It's in this thread:

boxerforum ball thread
I just ordered mine online. I got the link from the thread Sully is talking about.
Unfortunately I can't get it from PlanetDog because I'm in the UK. What size ball do you have?
heather-mumofdaisy\";p=\"71589 said:
Thanks for that - what size would you recommend? I'm a little cautious with the size of toys now, what with Freddie swallowing the latex ball I bought him (see Freddies (now not so) favourite ball
I have the orange one (Diamond Plate Ball).  I got it at a local pet store.  But to answer your question, if you throw that thing around you will definitely break something.  It's really heavy.  But for that same reason it's tough as nails, Oggie chews through pretty much all his toys except this one and kongs.  I think I got it for like 10 bucks or something, I think that's a very fair price.  I would say the rating is right by rating its toughness 5 out of 5 stars.  It's bigger than a tennis ball which I like also because Oggie tends to choke on anything small.
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