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The "Place" Command is something that I was interested in trying with my male because he has an over excitement issue (he clobbers me when I get home to the point that he scratches up my arms and we've had some pretty intense moments because of his over excitement). I read a great book called "Fired up, Frantic, and Freaked Out". It is training calmness with "Mat training". So you can use the "Place" command anywhere by using a portable mat. It's just a matter of getting around to doing the training. I just need to buckle down and find time to do it. There is such a long process to desensitize them to things and I guess I'm just unrealistically hoping that he will grow out of it to be honest. He's the 5th boxer we've owned but the first Euroboxer and he's just nuts! He has a working dog's energy for sure.
LOL ... just nut's! I luv it! :)

I have heard of that book. And Mat Training, is the "Place Command." Depending on how you chose to go about it, ... you can also put "Bath Rug's or Towel's," in different room's and just point and say "Place!" But that is better for reniforcement of the "Command," a raised surface is easier Dfor "Training." Does that book make any mention of "Sit On The Dog," by any chance??

A raised surface (place cot) or such, in the beginning, is important because it help's the Dog to understand ... "where you want them to be." It make's your job easier, because you can stop him (easier to see) if he goes to step off a raised surface. :)

"Go to bed," which I used to do. Seems similar and it kinda is?? But it is only applicable at "home." You can't use that as a "Command," anywhere else, cuz the Dog would say ... "OK, GO TO BED???" Where is that exactly??? Once they understand "Place." You can just point to a "Spot." And the dog will understand "Stay in that Spot," and don't leave it!
It's not the same as a "Stay," as the dog is free to move in that "Space." He is just not free to leave it! :)

And "Desensitizing," really only takes a long time?? Depending on how your doing it?? With my first WL GSD ... once I clearly understood (Pack Fight's and after that Human Aggression???) I pretty much just "Stumbled Across," all I know now! I walked him in silence, I keep your mouth shut! And mostly it was Sit Stay or Down and the occasional "Good Boy," a quick pat and we were off.

Now that is the way we "rolled," cuz well I was pretty pissed of at him! And we walked ... miles and miles in silence! I was well frankly ... "Pissed Off!" And I had no idea ... I was doing anything?? But unknown to me ... that was working for him?? And the "Place Thing??" Yet again ... I did not know, I was doing that.

But he did not like company ... "Clearly!" But still ... if I kept him by feet and kept company out of his face! IE ... don't even think about asking to touch him!! He was good with that! LOL ...; I suppose I was something of an A-Hole?? But my Dog my responsibility, I took it seriously and "Rocky GSD," understood ... "I had his back!"

And well while I was "focused," exclusively on "Rocky," my "Struddell," got to be her usually "PIA," self?? I was still using with company ... "Go to Bed," with her ... to keep her out of "Company's Face!" And it worked ... kinda??

But while she would not move her bed. She would whine and plead with her eye's to company. And suddenly I would become the bad guy?? And everyone would turn there attention to me?? Cuz I'm being the A-Hole!! Aww let her go, they would say and with a sigh ... I would release her. And yeah craziness would in sue. :)

But with "Go to Bed," as a Command?? She had no expectation, to be in that spot for awhile?? She knew she was not gonna be there long?? So you know ... "I'll just whine my way out of this temporary crap!" And yep ... it worked every time!

OK so back on point. Your guy sound's pretty much "Par For The Course??" That Boxer Crazy is ... pretty much what they do! It can be pretty overwhelming and really that kinda crazy ... is my only reluctance in recommending Boxer's to people. IE ... they can drive you nut's! :)

But ... it does not have to be way?? If you "Train Place," you can "Train Calmness," into a dog! It's a thing. If you wait for them to learn ... not to be a "tool," when you come?? Your gonna be waiting a very long time???

You've been doing what your doing so far. And it does not sound like it's working out to well, so far?? So your pretty much looking at the next ten of years of that kinda crazy??

Or ... do something different. Sadly all my extra special, outside the norm dog's are all gone. :(

And now I have my Bella Boxer/Pit. She is my second Boxer/Pit and par for the course she is just as "nutty," about people and Mom and Dad coming home as was my Strudell, avatar.

And these day's I'm to old and tired to deal with the crap! I simple tell her "Place!" And point to the "Couch." And that is the end of it! And she stay's there is "silence," until I release her! And it is important to add, Bella is a "Real World," nothing special dog.

Honestly ... I have been kinda lazy with her?? She is a rescue ... we have only one dog at this time. And she does not have a "People Issue," or "Other Dog Issue," thou she did fake that once. So I let a "lot of stuff slide." But getting mugged when I come in the door?? Yeah that is not gonna happen!

And nope ... she will not learn "Not to be A-Hole on her own?" So ... fine then ... I say "Place," and that is the end of it! She stay's there while, I do whatever ... and when I am ready ... I call her to me.

And so she know without "training not to be tool??" She will be a tool when I come in! So every time ... I say "Place," and point to the Couch! And that is an end to the madness!
And I have to say using the "Couch," as Place, LOL well that was not my idea???

A member on Germanshepardforum, did that after I suggested the "Place Command," to her! I had a cow when she said that?? But hey live and learn. :)

But bottom line ... and just to your point here. What your doing for the "coming home bit," so far ... is not working??

So whatever that was?? Let it go. And start training "Place!" If you follow the links from the "trainer's" I showed you can get there. But that said and from the real world. Apparently only introducing the concept and the actual command ... seems to be "Good Enough??"

You really need to do/train both dog's the same way. "Sit on the Dog and the Place Command" are about changing the "Dog's Mind Sit!"

Just do the biggest "PIA," first, if you want?? You will ... see a difference in not that much time ... ie two week's, if I had to guess?? And once "place is trained," you will see how useful that can be. :)

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Usually it has to do with how they were introduced. So you have to start over to square one. This entire process is not going to be fun or exciting for anyone, but you may have to make sacrifices. The alternative is to give one of them up. Also, you will have to remember that sometimes two dogs are Never going to get along.

First thing you do, keep them separated for about a week. This is not convenient, I know, I've had to do it.

Once the week is up, you will introduce them slowly. You will need to keep them both on a leash. When you reintroduce them the first time, let them spend 10-20 minutes together, with the leashes on, but you do not hold onto the leashes when you reintroduce. (Dominance issues arise when there is one on a leash and the other is not.) Then, separate them again. Slowly increase the time that they are allowed together. Do not take the leashes off of them until they can be entirely trust on their own, not to attack each other.

This is a time consuming process. But, to keep the calm in the house and your dogs healthy, you will want to look at it as an investment.
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