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You can't can't control the situation in a pet store and have no idea how many people or other dogs have handled or been around your new baby, or whether other puppies in the backrooms are sick.  That is why everyone is telling you to immediately (like the moment you pick up your baby) go to your own vet and have a complete check-up, including a fecal examine to rule out worms or other parasites that could cause problems.  There is no way of knowing who the pet shop purchased the puppy from in the first place, or what kind of diseases the pups have been exposed to and might come down with after an incubation period - in otherwords, buyer beware.  Protect yourself financially and legally by getting an independent medical exam asap - it may be the only recourse you have if there are problems with the puppy once you walk out of the store.  Hopefully, your new baby will be wonderfully healthy and you'll have no problems.  I only say these things because many years back I had a very bad experience with a pet shop.  Good luck to you and let us know how it turns out!!
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