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Welcome to the board!  You sound very excited to have a new first suggestion would be to hire a dog walker or relative/friend to come in and visit your new baby during the day to break up the time in the crate. Puppies can't be in a crate for more then a couple of hours at a time...they simply don't have the control over their bladder,etc. and if the pup becomes accostomed to messing in it's crate, you will have an inordinately difficult time housebreaking...puppy pads tend to send the opposite message...that it's ok to go in the can slow things down. There are MANY wonderful articles on the beginning stages, what to have when you bring puppy home and what kind of schedule they need.  Usually, crate training involves about 15-20 minutes out of the crate wtih you RIGHT THERE by her...(if a puppy messes in the house, it's OUR fault, not theirs...we have to pay attention)and then back in the crate for a bit...then out to potty...if they don't potty, back in the crate for a bit more and another chance to potty...once they potty outside, they can be in for that 15-20 minutes of supervised play's pretty simple and works GREAT!

Congrats on your new baby!  Can't wait to see pics when she comes home!
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