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Our Valentine's Day

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Daddy and the Dog decided a lobster and filet dinner for the momma -

Here are some pics of the preparation -

Mommy got Dad a boxer Magnet for his car -

Ok, lets check out the lobsters -

Now we gotta help Daddy cook -

Now we gotta set up the WIne -

Whew - we are tired - Happy V-Day Mom!!

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AWWWW how cute...we had salmon and wine and scallop fettucine....lobster looked good!!!!
That is  very cute... happy V day....

The lobsters looked great, I hope they were good...
Mmmm Yummy! (Especially the wine!) How were they?

BTW...The Kash Man looks huge standing next to Hanna. When did that happen!
That looks so nice, I'm green with envy.
He is growing tall but need to get some meat on his bones!!!!   ha ha ha.  Please excure their flow-Joe Nails, they need to get them trimmed.  I am a baby and dont trust myself to do it, but gonna learn this week.
Haha!! I noticed the nails! They don't look that long! Oh...I also noticed hubby's hand in that pic with Kash's nails....Did we have an itch! :rofl:
ha ha ha ha   Did not even notice that - I hope he washed his hands!  ha ha ha ha ha.....   Yes Jill (Jinxx) is my nail police.   I REALLY got to learn to do them myself.  I hate the people at Petsmart who do them, and my vet charges 17.00 but last time they could not do Kash.  So its time for me to learn and I am getting a dremmel.

I am a big girl, I am a big girl, will cut my own nails, will cut my own nails.
I don't blame you with the nails. The black ones make me nervous because I can't see the quick. I think Maddie has all white ones, but Buster had 2 black ones and they were always long because they freaked me out. looks like you are dealing with all black!
Oh yeah all black, and it freaks me out.  But I really gotta do it.   Even if I clip off the tips, then grind down the base.   No drinks before hand however ,clippers IMO are considered heavy machinery!
Lol Heather, looks like the "assistants" wanted to take off with the main course  :lol: Yea, Kash is really getting tall, you can see that..I hear ya about the nails, I actually bought a dremel, but Samson's nails are just so darn thick it was taking me forever to get anywhere....The Chard looks good, I like the label....How was it? I'm a white wine girl :)
Toasted Head is my second fav Chard after Todd Hollow.  Its good not too oakie.

The Cab we had Root was a fab Cab!!!  I am normally a Pinot or Red Zin fan but it was a very mellow bodies Cab, very nice actually.
I wish we had a good wine source closer...Ugh, another one of those reasons I hate being in the boonies...I guess I got too used to living right in the middle of the wine country and having access to it all...I'll have to remember that name tho...
awww too cute...they looked interested in the lobster. We had alot of it over the summer and I used to put them on the floor (with claws still taped) and Phoenix used to freak out at them when they started to crawl around.
Hope you had a good V-Day...supper looked pretty yummy!
Yum, looks like you guys had a great VD feast! I was thinking the same thing about Kash - he looks huge next to Hanna. Great pics Heather!
Very cute! I'm sure you guys had a great V-day. Thank you for sharing with us.
Kash is getting so big, looks like they wanted to play with the lobsters.  Great meal, I love lobster.
Looks like you had a very happy valentine's day!!!  

I hear you on the nails, I bought a clipper but won't do it myself either.  Luckily I found a girl a PetSmart that I love and does a great job with Lola.  I did see an infomercial on tv the other day about this grinder thing for dogs nails...clips and grinds all at once I believe.  Looks like I may have to invest in it and stop being a baby!
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