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Owners of a new Boxer pup!

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Hello everyone! My husband, daughter, and I are all new owners of a 9 wk old boxer pup we've named Odin. We did some major research before buying a family dog and found that the boxer breed was right for us! We love him so very much... he's very smart. He might be too smart :lol: I was wondering if I could get any pointers on crate training. I'm not sure if we got him from a very good breeder just because she said when he'd cry to come out of his crate she'd let him out and as far as toileting went... she said he just went anywhere. So I'm having issues with potty training and crate training now.

With crate training... I think I've tried everything! I even took out the divider so I could sit in there with him playing and rewarding him... which was fine but then the second I closed the door he started crying... even with me IN there. He'll cry off and on all night, mostly on. He goes crazy in there too, he's knocked down the divider and tore up his $45 bed we bought for his crate. I guess that's our fault though... I forgot how destructive little puppies can be.

We had a dog one time... she was a holy terror. We swore after her that we'd do everything possible to make our next dog great. You know training class and what not. Unfortunately she got into a fight with a rattle snake right before we left TX and didn't make it.

Anyway, he's a wonderful pup and super smart out side of crate and potty training. Anyone have any pointers!? Please Help!
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i personally would not reccomend feeding the pup in the crate. treats and such are fine, but you do want to establish food from bed. If you do put food and water bowls in the crate, then be sure not to leave during the night. if you leave them down at night you will end up with more accidents in the kennel.  When training a puppy i have always crate trained since it is an easier method. It will be tough at first, but be sure to NEVER acknowledge the whimpering and whining and howling. If you acknowledge it then he will know that all he has to do is make noises to get your attention. I agree with putting the divider up the dog should have enough room to turn in circles and lay down. no extra room needed. I also agree with the kong, those are great if your dog will play with it. Mine wont :(. As far as potty training is concerned you must be consistant. Take him out every 45min to an hour, the bladder is small and he is not in control of it at this point. if you catch him in the act be sure to say no, pick him up and move him outside. if you come by the spot after the fact just clean it up-probably best to use something like Natures Miracle to get the smell out. Dont punish the pup if you find the deed after it has been done, he will not know why he is being punished. Lastly be patient!! it will take time :) Also be sure to look through previous threads-TONS and TONS of useful info there. We have had a lot of new puppies lately-most questions are the same along with the responses. Welcome and be sure to post pics. We are egghead addicts here :)
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Isnt he adorable!!! what a cute little girl also!
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