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Paws bleeding..

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Another question...We have been dealing with sore paws for a long time now...Been to the vet numerous times and have been on everything from (anti-anxiety meds to antibiotics) I have done epsom foot soaks and and try to spray his feet with antibiotic spray(from the vet and Tank hates it!) and we have had no results. Now with the snow they are bleeding. The nail beds are swollen and inflammed and it almost seems his nails are loose..he also has very raw angry skin in the webbing. On a few of epaws he even has a few white spots. I wouldn't say that he licks his paws alot but..he does lick them. There is no fould smells or draindage just some blood when playing in the snow.. any ideas...I am worried that having continual open sores could lead to cancer...PLEASE HELP!!
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You may want to try musher's wax to keep his paws from getting cut from the snow when you go outside.  As for the loose nailbeds I would get a vet check on that.

We've been having problems with small ice cuts this winter and have been thinking about mushers ointment, Scott have you tried it and does it really work or does it just get licked off? Never thought of cancer related issues but I do think about infections since they can walk through some nasty stuff. Using Neosporin for that but would really like to prevent rather than treat after the fact.
We use to use it when the snow was crusty on our hunting dogs feet.  Yes, it really works well.  Most sled dog owners swear by it.

Thank you...We will definately try it and let you know! Happy Holidays...take care
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