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Pedigree Donates 1Dollar for every pic added!

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For every one picture you add they will donate a WHOLE dollar to shelters!
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um, the link didn't work for me...

this should work...the other link posted was broken in the middle
lol, their server is down!
ya i tried to fill out the form to upload a pictures and it just came up with empty fields and X's where images/text were supposed to be.
:p :lol: Re: Pedigree Donates 1Dollar for every pic added!

I submitted Lettes picture, now if I can figure out this avatar thing on here lol  CODE is  LETTE1

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WOW! That is fantastic! I added my two. There's 10,628 dogs added so far!
I just added my 3 to it.   Wow so many dogs.
Wow great link! I'll definitely add my babies!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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