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Peeing in the house all of a sudden

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Milo for some odd reason has decided recently that he likes to pee in our bathroom and closet. I'm not sure if he's lashing out for all the meds and eye goop we've been giving him or it's some kind of reaction to the meds themselves. What do you think?

Here's the med's he's on:
3 pills 3 times daily of Delta Albaplex
then 1/2 tablet 2 times a day of SMZ-TMP 960mg
Plus he has some eye stuff (not drops) we have to put in his eyes 3 times a day

He just finished up the delta albaplex yesterday and I gave him his 1/2 tablet of SMZ-TMP this morning.

example: this morning, I let them out...they were outside for about 15 minutes b/c it's about 20
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Sometimes Med depending on what they are (Sharon is better for this) can be a major causse of increased urination.   Also could possibly be a UTI, but I would put my money on the meds.
My cat will come and pee where ever I am at if he is mad at me or if his kitty litter box isn't clean....I know it isn't quite the same but he might be upset that he is on meds you might give him a treat afterward to show him that he is being a good boy taking his meds I did that with Duke.
I do give him treats and I spoil him with "good boy" and giving him plenty of attention.
I mean more like after you give him the medicine.  So he is more apt to take it happily.  Duke didn't like taking it at first but when he knew he was getting a good treat after he would sit there and let me put the cream on and take his pills no problem.
I guess I should have specified as well, I do al lthose thigns right after I give him his pills and eye goop. He also gets his pills with a good amount of peanut butter.
Don't know if it's meds or not, sounds like the SMZ is a type of Sulfa???? I'm not real familiar with vet meds, but sulfa is how we usually treat UTI's in people. Could it be acting out from change in routine????? Maybe Sharon will pop in with some answers. Wishing you good luck :D
hopefully it is just the meds he is on. I would make sure the doors to the closet and bathroom are kept closed, that way he cant get in there to go pee. Did the vet give any waring to increased urination?
The vet just called to check on Kaci and Milo and I told her about Milo's little peeing problem. She said the meds will make them more thirsty...but her and I pretty much agreed the rest is probably behavioral and a combination of the cold weather and him not wanting to be outside in it to potty all the way. I'll just start taking them out front on the leash instead of just letting them out back so I can keep an eye on him.
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