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peeing on my dad...

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Jaxon is completely housebroken and has been for the past 4-5 months.  Over the holidays he did have several accidents only when my house was full with company.  We thought this may have been because his "signals" to go out are very minimal (he usually sits in the kitchen doorway and stares at one of us).  Because we had so much company, it was hard for him to give any known signals and most of the visitors either didn't pay attention to him or mistaked sitting or laying near the door as his signal to go out.  Going out some should have helped but for whatever reason, Jaxon seems not to empty his bladder every time.  Anyhow, now that the holidays are over and life is back to normal, Jaxon is back to being completely housebroken.  The exception to this is when my dad comes.  My dad is a boisterous person who instantly makes a fuss over my boys and my dogs when he walks in the door.  I would agree that if Jaxon peed on him when he first came it was due to excitement, but this isn't normally when he pees on him!  He waits until he's been at our house for a while (and my dad and the boys have calmed down), then he goes over like he wants attention and when my dad starts petting him, he pees.  He's not lifting his leg.  Also...Jaxon occasionally peeks his privates out when my dad comes or when he pets him.  I don't have a clue what to think!
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Maybe he's marking your dad as his territory.  Henry has started marking without lifting a leg.  Thank goodness he's doing it outside!
As far as the "red rocket"  who knows why those pop out! :roll:
My guess is that still is submissive urination probably due to your dad's loudness.  Maybe your dad can just try to ignore him vocally and just let Jaxon come over on his own and touch your dad without your dad touching him.  Then have your dad slowly stroke him after a few minutes of Jaxon touching him.  Easily, not to excite him.  I know I have a dad like yours too and my dogs go crazy just over his voice.

The "private equipment" coming out is a sign of excitement in a male dog. Not necessarily sexual, just stimulation of exciting event. Nothing to worry about, just a normal reaction that happens automatically in some males.

sorry but i had to laugh when i saw the title of this thread!  :lol: however, i agree with the above suggestions , i also have a dad like yours and sumya has hard time calming down when he comes over, sometimes i think she is going to have a heart attack!
I also agree with the suggestions above; you can also try taking it a little further by having your dad totally ignore him for the next few weeks and see what happens (although i know that ignoring can be very hard for dog lovers like us :lol:)

hope this helps
LOL..I keep telling my dad..I think you're his! ;) haha  My dad is like my third child, in fact, it's harder to get something across to him than it is to my 4 year old!  I'm going to have to work at him to get him to try to understand that he needs to chill out a little when he first comes.  That being oldest son is 7 and I've been having this conversation with my dad over my sons since my oldest was born! :)  UGH!

Oh..and the manhood dad completely freaked like a child!  Jaxon hasn't done it since that one time...probably scared the little guy!!! lol  My dad's an animal lover but man he's got some weird thinking!
I had to laugh when I read this, sorry...But was said is good advice, especially about his "manhood"coming out due to excitement....Samson at the rip old age of 11 mind you does that when I give him treats 8O He has his priorities :lol:
lol....I really do appreciate the advice!  I'm just gonna have to tell my dad either listen to the advice or be peed's your choice! ;) haha
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