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Pees like a girl...

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So, we were just wondering if it is weird that Cosmo pees like a girl (i.e. he squats instead of lifts his leg)? Is this weird? Does he need to be taught to lift his leg? Is it ok if we just let him keep doing it? It doesn't seem to be causing him any any of your boy dogs do this?
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The leg lift is a learned thing. Some never do. My 8 month old male still does not lift and quite frankly I hope he never does. Sometimes they start peeing on everything.
My young Dalmatian does the same thing. I think that leg lifting will come with maturity. I also had a female lab that peed like a boy, with one leg lifted :roll:
My 8 month old squats like a girl too.  I wish he would learn to lift his leg because he ends up peeing on his paws, which creates stinky (peee-yew) feet.  When I give him a bath I have to put the plug in to soak those paws!
Sam is almost two and he still does it on occassion.
it really depends on Bo's mood...generally he squats and he'll be a year old in less than a month
Both of my boys are squatters unless they are marking something.  And Well I don't really care one way or the other personally!
Duke is a squatter too....I don't mind I've never noticed any pee on his paws so it doesn't matter to me.
Why would you think that's a behavioural issue???
Diesel squats as well, and I hope it stays that way.
Henry is almost 17 months, he still squats.

Rocky was 22 months when he died, but he still squated too.
My 9 week old lifted his leg yesterday for the 1st time. Not a straight up hike but as out to the side one. But I have taken him out about 10 times since then and he has not done it again
Buck was about 9 mos when he started lifting his leg..I believe also when they are neutered early, that is also stops them from doing that...I have noticed that Samson lately half squats and half lifts his leg, but for him I believe it's more issues with that back leg not being as strong at times....I really wouldn't worry, some dogs never do start lifting their leg..Buck was never neutered and we had no issues with him marking anything either :)
Beckham who just turned a year old, squats as well.  Every once in awhile he'll hold his right leg out a bit, but never the full leg lift.  We're both happy that Beckham squats over lifting his leg :)
Rocco is also squats. It is not a full female squat though. Its kinda between standing up and squated. He also leans forward when he does as well. I would really prefer if he never lifted his leg. I would rather clean up an accident on the carpet then on the wall or piece of furniture LOL.
Patch does the same thing, kinda a half squat.. i prefer this as well :)
Buster was 2 1/2 before he lifted his leg. But, I actually preferred it that way.  :lol:  My girl Maddie actually lifts her leg on some bushes.  8O  Weird!
Honeyec\";p=\"69583 said:
Why would you think that's a behavioural issue???

I don't know...I thought it was a strange behavior. Not that he's doing anything wrong...but it is a behavior.
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