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Pet health insurance?

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After having Soloman for a little under a year, and paying all the vet bills that go along with having a puppy I started looking at pet insurance. Can anyone here suggest a good comp to look at? As far as cost, coverage and out of pocket exp. I hate feelling like if something bad were to happen to him how would I be able to pay for it. He is so much a part of my life now.
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Re: Pet heath insurance?

Wow I didn't even know that existed. What has helped me a lot has been the Banfield Hospital health care plans. All vet visits are free, all shots included, screening of all health organs, spaying/neutering included, 1 xray included, etc.....I hate to go to the vet and pay the $40 fee and they tell me that my pup is ok and to not do anything for the mean time unless certain conditions arise. I too would like to know about pet insurance.
Re: Pet heath insurance?

a couple of years ago i worked for an emergency vet and they had VPI pet insurance. I personally never used it, but from the clients that i spoke to that did use it seemed to like it. I know it can save a ton of money, especially in case of emergency or if ~god forbid~ any one of the animals would have a prolonged (i.e constant meds for thyroid and such)/ or eventuall terminal illness (i.e cancer) since i never opted for it i dont know from personal experience how well it works for normal yearly vaccines and such. I hope it helps a little bit, i know VPI has a website you can check out..i believe it is
Thanks Chloesmom that is one of the places that I looked at. Anyone else with more info/exp on this subject?
I've got pet insurance for Daisy. I don't really know if any info on it will be any good to you because I don't know if things are different here in the UK. Basically I have to pay an excess fee of
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