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Pet-sitting a boxer

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I will be pet sitting a female boxer for a month or so, is there anything important I need to know about the breed? The owner will be supplying food. I don't know much about her, except that she's not a barker. I have a crate set up for her (36in) I know it's gonna be more than enough for her because my Great Dane (R.I.P.) used to fit in there comfortably.
Thank you all for your responses
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Other than making a note to tell your vet that Acepromazine should never be used on boxers (just in case something would happen and you would have to take her in), my only other advice would be to be careful not to get sucked in. . . You may just not want to send her back to her owners after you're done with her!  :lol:

Good luck, and have fun with her. Keep us posted on how it goes!
Yeah that's what I was thinking!! I'm scared to get too attached to her. I had my rescue great dane for 2 weeks and i got really attached to him, it was hard to let him go.... And now I'll have this girl for at least  a month. Her owner lived in an apartment where dogs are not allowed, so I have to keep her untill he finds an apartment that allows dogs. I just hope things work out with her. I will probably be getting her tomorrow morning. I'll write tomorrow more about her when I see her.
Thank you for you reply! :wink:
Sounds fun, get ready to be entertained. How old is she?
BurningRiver, can you explain this tip?

Acepromazine should never be used on boxers
How fun..Yup, I have to agree with Jessica I think,, don't get sucked up..Boy them boxers sure are easy to get attached too!! I'd also want to know abt car rides & things like that. When I had someone pet sit Samson, I made a point of telling her that he loved his car rides, so she used to take him for a drive everyday!!! Oh yes and stops for burgers....
Hey guys! Well she's coming in about 20 minutes! I can't wait to meet her. I'll tell you more about her later  8)
Its very nice that you are helping out!
My best advice?  HAVE FUN!  Boxers are just wonderful.  Very energetic.  You'll have a ball!
Hey guys!
Well I got her yesterday morning and she's a sweetheart. She is 4 years old and her name is Canela ( I can't even pronounce it, in spanish it means cinnamon). I think she's a bit overweight, I would say because she is free fed. But she's just a sweetheart. She is fed Pedigree adult, I don't know if that's a good food for boxers? I know for Great Danes it wouldn't be a good food. She is fawn with a white neck and paws. SO cute  :D I love how her little tail moves. Especially this morning when she greeted me  :lol:
Sounds to me that you are already sucked in..That's the thing I found so very endearing abt boxers, they steal your heart so very quickly & then proceed to wrap you around their paw!!! In a good way of course..Take her for a few walks,,it's good for her & a great way for you to bond even more with her (like you need that)..Have a ball & just enjoy that boxer energy!! :D
She sounds like an absolute doll-baby! LOL on her tail - won't be long before her entire butt wiggles! :p

Some close friends are just having the pleasure of owning their first boxer puppy. One day they called and frantically asked me if he was "broken". I asked them why? They said they weren't sure, but all he kept doing was bending in half and going in circles! :lol:

Ah the boxer bean, kidney bean, donut dance, etc. . .  :D
haha I love when the whole butt wiggles, it's the cutest thing ever  :D
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