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Pet Stickers-Emergency

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Someone sent this to me today and wanted to share it.  I am guessing you could also print out on regular paper and tape it in a window..... ... n=petplace
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pretty cool idea!
Besides a window that can be seen by the front or back door..... affixing to the breaker box is also a great idea because if there is any type of fire or electrical issue that the one of the first place firepersons will go is to cut the breakers off!!! It is sometimes easy to see a dog, but for those who have cats they will usually be hiding somewhere and not easy to find, if they dont know they are there, they wont even look!
When we had our fire I actually thought quickly enough to close our bedroom door behind me, so the dogs stayed in there. it was the farthest point from the fire, and with the door shut, the smoke never got to them. We also had 2 cats at the time (that didn't like to sleep in our room with the dogs). I was very surprised that the cats had no issue going to the firemen. heck I was even more shocked they found the black cat in all the thick black smoke!
I got mine from the Boxer rescue. It adheres to our back door window.
My sister has those by all her doors, good idea actually, thanks for that Sharon.
I do have one of these in my front window. Thanks for the info, I will put one in the back window to..
Thanks for the link and the idea Sharon - it's a very good one.
[quote="sharonL\";p=\"63636":a26hn5qo]Someone sent this to me today and wanted to share it.
thanks sharon! i do have one but it has not been updated since before i got sumya  :oops: i am going to that now.
Thanks for the link sharon...i think everyone needs something like this if they have pets
I have them also, one on my front door and one on my back door.  I got mine from my job.
You know I always worry about my dogs because they are in their crates, this is awesome thank you Sharon.  I will feel a little better now.  Thank you so much.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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