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Photo Album

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I managed to get a few pics in an album so you all can see my gorgeous babies.
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They definitely are gorgeous babies Mystic,,Thanks for sharing :)
Beautiful!  Thanks for sharing!!
What wonderful babies!  Thank you for sharing!
I forgot to ask... is the chair in the background a chew toy?  I have the same issue.... bitter apple~
Hehehehe that chair was actually chewed up by a samoyed i had for 11 yrs.  He did lots of damage to my house LOL.  But he was a sweet boy and i deeply miss him.  I am in the process of doing remodeling to my house and once it is done i am getting a new kitchen table set. :)
Hi Julie,
Nice to "see" you here! :)
Hi there Jessica, so nice to see some familair faces woot woot.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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