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Pic of Allie pup and BIG problem!!!

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O.k. trying to post a pic of Allie.  Here she is with her best friend Winnie kitty.

I have a BIG problem with her and the crate, they hate eachother!!  LOL!!  No, seriously, I have tried everything (feeding her in at first with door open, leaving her in for a few minutes then lettiing her out when quiet, etc.  She just screams the minute she is in then howls, etc.  I try and lay on floor with her, everything.  What is a mom to do?  I tried to let her cry it out but she went on for 30 minutes without stopping, so I had her be quiet for like 10 secs then let her out.  I don't want to emotionally scar the poor lil thing (only 8 weeks) but She needs to get used to it for housebreaking and for her own safety when I'm not home?  Any suggestions?    Thanks!!!

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I'm having the same difficulties with Sophie and the crate, but I just keep feeding her in her crate with the door shut for a few seconds, while she is interested in the food, then open when she sees that it's shut and starts screaming, sit there with her while she goes in and out just to make sure she knows she isn't stuck in there, but she always winds up screaming at the top of her lungs while I'm there.  But I'm being consistent and when I have to leave for a little while, I put her in the crate, let her yell (I can't hear her, but I feel for the neighbors) and when I come back in a little while she's usually asleep in there.  I think she acts worse when she knows I'm there to listen to her and let her out.  Good luck!

Bye the way Allie and Winnie are adorable.  Really cute picture.
wow i wish i could help you....My Layla will go in her crate and be perfectly content....Chance on the other hand....did exactly what Allie does...and still does. Chance will not quit...ever. He gets so bad he literally slams himself back and forth from side to side in his crate. So i either have to leave him out or take him with me. He will however sleep in his crate but my hand has to be in the crate until he is totally asleep. I wish you luck and if you figure it out please help I am just afraid Chance is going to get hurt doing what he does. Plus i am afraid people are gonna think he is getting killed in my house when i am not home. I feel your is miserable when you cant get them to go in their crate. I really do wish i could help you but i am at a loss myself. Good luck!!!
By the way...Allie is gorgeous!!! And so is winnie. Is it just me or does Allie resemble Mia a bit???
Wow we had the same problem with Tug! He would grab anything in reach and reek havoc on it.  Then it got so bad that he would actually bite the crate, to the point of actually bending the wire that makes up the crate!  So we stopped using that and started using the plastic heavy duty baby gates, and would gate him of in the laundry room.  It was the same room where his crate was, but he seems not having a problem being gated off, just being in a confined crate drives him nuts.  With Tug he will not touch the baby gate at all.  You can lay it in the floor and he will not walk over it.  
Your baby is adorable!! We have a kitty like that too and they are also best buddies, they like to chase each other through the house!
Poor baby! :(
I can't imagine.  Henry never had a prob w/the crate.  He has always gone in on his own.  Maybe put a shirt you've worn in there, the smell may help.?
OK I am no expert on this for this was the first time ever having lil pups around and I  started them out in the crate. The pups I had went right to it with no problem, I did have one pup that didn't care for it but once it was in their it was fine but I would wait til she fell sound asleep and I would put her in there but I did leave the door open unless I had to go to town. Just one thing though three years ago when my son brought home his boxer I never crated her didn't know nothing about it and she was a great puppy I would make sure she couldn't get anything to hurt her and I would go to town or outside at first and I would tell her to get up there and watch for me I would be right back, ( I have a recliner in front of a window) she would be sitting right their when I got back watching and waiting I wouldn't be gone long at all. after a while it was just natural for her to get up in the chair and watch for me when I left, still to this day I am never gone long and there is still nothing for her to get hurt on and she would wait for me in that chair looking out the window. Of course I had to pick up a roll of toilet paper once but I never forgot to put it where she couldn't reach it again. The phone was the only thing I ever had a problem with and it was because my sons girlfriend thought she had to call every five seconds and she would get annoyed with the ringing and chew on it other then that she was wonderful. But I would never leave all them puppies running loose in my house like that. (( and my son still hasn't brought her back yet and I still have the deaf male he is sweet as he can be and we are still working on NO ))
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I'm afraid I can't be of much help either.  Ours never liked the crate but would go in and settle down if we insisted.   I also found the child gate to be a good solution.  Gives them the freedom to move around more and feel less confined.   I'm sure it will all work out for you in time.  She is still very young.  

Your babies are adorable as are all of the pups pictured in this thread.  Tugs little face just tugs my heart strings.
Merlin "ate" the side of his crate - ripped the bars off. We had to reinforce it with more bars! He now sleeps in our bedroom at night and we put our other dog's crate (Cairn Terrier) in the same room with during the day. So far, there haven't been any escapes! I also give him a big bone to chew on - keep him occupied!
Oh she is adorable!! What a cute picture.

We have never had any trouble with any of our guys in the crate.  Our crate is really BIG so that might make a difference.  You can fit two large dogs in it and it is wire so it is open.  We have always started them in crates from when they were small so they just seem to get used to it.  We leave the door open and many times they go in there during the day to sleep on their own.
I don't know if this would help, but it's an idea.  Since dogs are den animals by nature, what if you covered the crate with a blanket or quilt on three sides, so it feels like a den rather than being put behind bars.  Then I'd leave the door open and try and feed her in there and let her wander in and out at will for a while until she gets the sense that it's a pleasurable place to be.
Tyson has never had a problem with going in his crate either.  We put him to bed at night, close the crate, and don't hear a thing from him til the morning.  We really lucked out!!
TamiNChance\";p=\"26676 said:
Is it just me or does Allie resemble Mia a bit???
I thought the same thing!
Cute pic!  I wish Maguiness and my cat, Lake were so close!! 3 1/2 yrs and Maguiness she chases her relentlessly.  Poor Kitty.  What's your secret?    
Anyway, about the crate thing.  I really tried crate training with Maguiness but it did not work out!  She work slam herself against the sides and cry and bark like she was being totured.  Even when in there for a short time. The worst part was that as soon as she got in the crate she would drool nonstop.  Her blankets would be soaked and along wth the whole crate.  Needless to say, I realized I needed to do something different for my girl.  Baby crates worked. for us.  She COULD jump them but she never did.  Good luck.
let them cry it out.     It may take two to three weeks but they are crying for attention and if you give it to them, then they will always know a cry means affection.

Dont let the dog be smarter than you!     She is a baby, and not used to being alone.  So just put some plust toys inside, a nice crate pad, and like others said maybe cover it.   Just dont give in to crying.

Also try playing a game.    I would use a clicker.    Play with the pup and everytime it touches the crate click and reward.    When I mean touch I mean anything, paw head even if on accident anytime the pup's bosy touches the crate, click, praise and reward.  Do it alot.   Then the dog is going to assocaiate that by touching the crate, I can get a treat.   After you make them comfortable with it, trying a different game with going in the crate.  Hide some treats under the padding, make the crate a fun place, and then they will hopefully start to get comfortable with it:)

Good Luck!
I'm picking up Logan on Friday and we are going to starting the crate training. I feel for you as I know although hope not I will have to be patient and listen to the crying. Best of luck to you.
I agree with Hannabanana- you HAVE to let them cry it out. If you give them attention then they will always cry. I personally dont put any kind of towel or pad in the kennel because Reese will pee in the kennel and then it will soak it up, but she never pee's in the kennel if there is nothing lineing the bottom. It is very hard to listen to them, but it is better for them in the long run.
Read the Crate Training stickey...This will give you ideas with how to deal with it.  Let them cry it out.  If you let them out when the whine or bark they will figure out that when they bark/whine they can come out.
[quote="HannaBanana\";p=\"26833":32z6ljf8]let them cry it out.
chance may have seperation anxiety, and that is why he is throwing himself against the kennel and so forth. Savannah doesnt go to that extreme, but she will go potty in the house if left alone. I dont trust Reese one bit to even try to let her out. Personally even if they were both 100% housetrained i would still kennel. I guess i am lucky though since my girls love the kennel and have no problem going in and staying in
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