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Wow we had the same problem with Tug! He would grab anything in reach and reek havoc on it.  Then it got so bad that he would actually bite the crate, to the point of actually bending the wire that makes up the crate!  So we stopped using that and started using the plastic heavy duty baby gates, and would gate him of in the laundry room.  It was the same room where his crate was, but he seems not having a problem being gated off, just being in a confined crate drives him nuts.  With Tug he will not touch the baby gate at all.  You can lay it in the floor and he will not walk over it.  
Your baby is adorable!! We have a kitty like that too and they are also best buddies, they like to chase each other through the house!
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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