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Pic of Allie pup and BIG problem!!!

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O.k. trying to post a pic of Allie.  Here she is with her best friend Winnie kitty.

I have a BIG problem with her and the crate, they hate eachother!!  LOL!!  No, seriously, I have tried everything (feeding her in at first with door open, leaving her in for a few minutes then lettiing her out when quiet, etc.  She just screams the minute she is in then howls, etc.  I try and lay on floor with her, everything.  What is a mom to do?  I tried to let her cry it out but she went on for 30 minutes without stopping, so I had her be quiet for like 10 secs then let her out.  I don't want to emotionally scar the poor lil thing (only 8 weeks) but She needs to get used to it for housebreaking and for her own safety when I'm not home?  Any suggestions?    Thanks!!!

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Just a question....i know everyone says to let them cry it out....we tried that and did not go get Chance out of his crate and he wouldnt stop....i  mean not at all...the neighbors got mad and everything....he slams himself back and forth against the sides of his cage and crying it out doesnt always work. Chance was so bad that he tipped his cage from slamming himself against it. So in order for him not to get hurt i had to take him out. If it is just crying and screaching i can understand the crying it out method butsometimes that just doesnt if i hijacked the thread

Have you tired a travel crate, the non wire type?  If he is causing harm with his wire one, then maybe one that is completely plastic would be better for him.   Also if he is behaving this way, then maybe you can consult a behavioral trainer for some advice, and when all else fails, then maybe he is just not a crate dog.  Some dogs are, however most that are, are this way because the owners gave up!
we have tried the travel crate and it is the same thing...he will sleep in his crate at night but we have to have it right next to our bed. He does the same in a travel crate. We have tried the whole time we have had him to crate him but it hasnt worked. so we havent just given up but when we do leave him out with our lab....he is fine, he will not have accidents or tear anything up. He just has real issues with the crate
Then honestly if he is having no issues on being out, is not in harms way, gets along with the other dog, then maybe its not necessary.
(the crate)

I think (IMO) you personally have to start from the beginning.  Like crate at night, wake up potty, then one room of freedom, then crate maybe for a couple of hours while you are doing housework.  Then potty, then out of crate in room of freedom, etc.  Like do that in the first two weeks so the pup is familar with the crate.

I dont crate my dogs, like I said I do not have any issues.  However will use the crates when I am vaccuming or washing the floors to keep them safe.  Or if we travel with them, or they are in a hotel.  other than that, no need for them.    Its a personal choice, and further more I belive if you have no issues then why use them.

I think for safetly, yes they are great esp if you dogs cannot be trusted or have a new dogs etc.
well i dont have any issues with leaving him out....he gets along with our lab wonderfully and he is such a good boy when we leave him out. Layla has never had a problem being in the crate....both were crated from the begining and she took to it but Chance did not...guess i wont worry about it....Our lab was never really crated except during puppy period and that has worked fine for her. Thanks
Thanks for all the suggestions !! I'm comforted to know that I'm not the only one with this problem.  She was a little better last night .  Is this a Boxer thing?  This is my first boxer (I've always had shepherds and shelties and never had a problem crating) or maybe just an "Allie" thing with a little separation anxiety mixed in?  I'm not giving up even though my other animals are ready to take permanant residence in the yard!  LOL!!!
OMG, that was like yesterday for me and boss. He cried, hollered, and whined all night the first 2 days to the point my fiance was gonna go get him and bring him upstairs, but it only lasted 2 days. On the 3rd day we told him to go in his house and he went and slept through the night and has been doin so for 5 months so far. Initially those first 2 nights were tuff and sleepless, but im telling you now, STAY STRONG!!!! It will be worth it in the end.
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