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Pic of Patch's new tail :)

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Here is patch with his tail docked :)


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It is a cute little nub, looks like they did a good job.
He looks fantastic! Not that he wasn't handsome before...
I don't like it.  I think you ought to have it put back on. :p

Looks really good!
It looks great!!  I keep telling Tabs (our lab mix) that we are going to dock her tail....I swear she knocks over every glass in the house with her tail.
we are very happy with the result, it was kinda scary right after, but its all good now.. here is one more..


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I think he is wondering why you are taking so many pictures of his hind-end  :lol:
awww.... i think we should seee a b4 and after too!!!
awwww! patch has such a cute nub! does he notice anything is missing?
Awwww he is so cute I love the last pic you posted it is tooooooooooo cute!!!!
Shelli says he sits normally now where he used to lean to one side. I haven't been home since he got it done, so I am not sure.
Here is a before pic:


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I think he is beautiful both ways....What made you decide to dock it?
He kept hitting it on stuff and we were afraid he was going to break it. So we consulted our vet about our fears and she said it would be ok to dock it. We loved his tail, but again, we were afraid he was going to break it.
i thing he looks handsome either way. welcome to the nub club patch!!
awwww :)
thanks all! We love him to death... even my wife who isnt really a dog person has fallen hard for him.. i now have 2 sons, 1 skin, i fur, lol
Awww! Patch has a nubby now! He is so gorgeous!


:thumbup:  :headbang:
The nubbie looks great! Doesn't look like Patch misses it at all!  :D
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