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Pics Of My Boys

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Enjoy  :wink:

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OMGGG!!! Capone is the cutest thinggg!!!!! As is Gotti but I loovveee fawns!!!!
Awwww........just Awwww!!!
I Absolutely ADORE the first picture! So cute!!
Capone is sooo cute!!! I love the first pic!!
Absolutely beautiful...
Gorgeous babies are everywhere!! LOL I too love the first pic.
Oh my, they are almost ready to come home! They are just adorable...I could just cuddle those cuties all day... :)
look at those egg heads...  i love it
They are just so adorable and getting big so fast.
Wow they have gotten so big!!!  I bet you can't to get them home.  The last few days are going to be torture.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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