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Pics of My Boys!

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Here are some more pics of Harley and Dozer. Just thought I'd share them with ya'll!!!

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Very cute pups - thanks for sharing! Harley's ears are so pretty/
They are so cute, they look so much alike.
They are very handsome boys!  Great pictures!
lol, they look like mirror images...always same position but on opposite sides...cute
I don't know why every time I try to take pics of them, they always have to be right next to eachother!!!! I guess they are afraid that one of them will miss out on a treat or something!!!! It never fails, they can be playing, I get the camera out, and they lay down next to eachother. Kinda funny!
You got a couple of handsome boys there.
Great pics...very cute!
Awww, look at those 2 handsome guys..Kris they both look great and it looks like Dozer & Harley are just the best of friends too.....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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