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~ PICS ~ this morning lol..3 dogs under my desk !

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i have my
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Haa looks like they are in a happy place. Prada looks just like our kitty Yeti. :lol:
that is too cute!!!  Gotta love how they always want to be close to you
8O prada is a terror !!! lol..shes funny though she jumps all around straight up in the air after nothing haha... 8O maybe things we cant see
oh don't go wondering about that!!  Jinx and Bruce have been doing that to me lately and now I think I'm hearing things....let's just assume they're imagining things too
:? ya id rather just stick with the story that my cat needs prozac  :D
wonder if they make that for kitties....Jinx could really use some
How cute!!
They are all adorable! I hope you didn't disturb them!  :lol:
hahaa no i like them right there under my feet that way i know who's doing what..haha
That is so cute!  Glad to see other boxers sleeping with their favorite kitty!  Our cat Dippy was found outside in 8 degree below weather with frostbite on his ears and nearly frozen.  He was VERY quite when we got him in and warmed up, not even scared of the dogs.  Now he thinks he is one of them.  Even comes in at night and sleeps with them on their beds.  :D
omg haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you named him dippy thats a riot !!!! this cat should be named weirdo ..wellthats what we call her anyway..haha

thats great that you saved him from that..what a sweetie..omg as i type shes jumping in the air around the kitchen... 8O theres nothing there :roll:
LOL at the babies, good morning company!!! I see even my hubby (boxerpop) saw it and got a chuckle! Yeti and your baby really could be twins! Our siamese is catching yours, 17 lbs at the vet the other day 8O We're now trying the Iams version of Jenny Craig!
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I don't think you're getting any work done Ky! :lol:
AWW what cute pics! I just want to crawl right under there with them.  :)
Well they sure look nice & cozy under the desk Ky....Samson likes to sleep under mine too, that's his second favorite place in the office, he prefers his nice comfy bed  :)
:D ooooooooooooooo its my samson/sean connery hehehe...look at him i just love the look on his face hahaha its the same one Isis has most of the time...they look like " YA AND? " hahahahaha

ya working from here is in alot of ways better for me..i am here for the boys esp Diari...and i get alot more done then i did when i had my office..i constantly had to leave for something kid hubby or dog
[quote="Sadiesmomma\";p=\"68391":3d3sxp8u]AWW what cute pics! I just want to crawl right under there with them.
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