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Picture of tucker in his coat

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so like I said, he is going to have his sad puppy face on. LOL I said his name, and this was the look I got...

:p Maybe he will like it a little better when he grows into it more...

Te he well now its time to wake him up from his nap to take him out to the barn :). It is so funny! He likes the car so much he will walk up to every car parked and sit next to the passenger side! Oh its so cute, I think he thinks he's going out to the barn every time!
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That's so sad...but he looks so cute, and he'll appriciate it more when it's 20
LOL TOO CUTE!!! He's like... "...oh mom... is that the cam... yep... now you have a picture... great..."

LMAO TOOO FUNNY! What a gorgeous boy!!
hahahaha thanks guys! I edited the top and added more lol  

yea he does not like it at all hahaha but I warm it  in between me and the down jacket, and take it outside like that. I let him go out without it so he can feel how cold it is, then I put it on and suddenly he LOVES it lol! We had windchills in the teens last night! grrrrrrrr  :evil: (I was born in FL lol)
Awww, look at that sad little face! He looks so cute in his coat!
What a face! Too cute!
Poor Baby....he looks like he wants to hide in shame...LOL

He is so cute!
Aww so cute, he looks so disappointed. He'll thank you after winter's over.
Sadiesmomma\";p=\"55784 said:
Aww so cute, he looks so disappointed. He'll thank you after winter's over.
ek and were just starting too... matter of fact its snowing right now.... :cry:  (and im even a snowboarder... dont know how that works but it does haha)
He is so sweet!!!! He is much happier w/o his coat off!
ahhh!! poor boy...he does look happy without it :D
He sure is a handsome little boy! :)  It's a MOm's job to annoy her furbabies! LOL!
I could never get any of my dogs to wear any kind of clothing.
Awhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's SOOOOOOOOO Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does seem much happier without it though!! LOL
He's such a georgous boy!  He has such a sweet face.
Cute pup!   He looks like he got caught eating the Thanksgiving turkey in the first photo.    Where did you get the outfit and what brand is it?   Sorry if I missed it.
[quote="Cuda\";p=\"55923":3qczyx96]Cute pup!
[quote="Cuda\";p=\"55923":1ussah09]Cute pup!
actually just wanted to say I checked their website and they actually have reasonably priced dog coats on there! Where were these things when I went into the store!!! Grr they must only have the expensive items out for purchase in the store, and you have to order the cheaper ones off the internet... thats just grr!
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