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Pictures from today

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What Milo got for his birthday...

Kaci's new halloween costume...

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OMG that is the cutest costume - she's adorable!!!  Looks like Milo had quite the birthday bash!!! Cute pictures and love the hat!!!
:lol:  :lol: Those are hilarious pictures! haha I think Milo wasn't sure whether to be happy or upset about the fact that he was wearing a huge sombrero! haha And looks like he was spoiled in the treat department. I love KC's new costume. They are both so adorable.
WooHoo b-day goodies, take the cookie and run! KC looks so cute, how did you get her to wear the costume????
Happy Birthday Milo!! He got so spoilt!!! Voltaire was 3 on the 23rd so they almost share a birthday :wink: . I didn't spoil him so much and now i feel guilty :( . He did get a VERY long walk, a pound of raw steak and a ball on a rope.....and i sang him Happy Birthday %-( - haha!!
P.S. Kaci looks adorable :lol:
May i just say that i am in love with your Milo. He is so adorable! His face looks like" I really dont care!!"
ahahah those pics are great !!! the sombrero is awesome ! and i luv the fairy costume...heehe
That was fabulous! Happy BIrthday Milo...looks like he had a BLAST! :)

Kaci is adorable...I am SO impressed with her cooperation!:)
Looks like an awesome birthday party!  :D
Wow Milo, you did rather well there...That cookie looks awesome, did you get that from a doggie bakery or do it your self? And Kaci just looks adorable in her Halloween costume, it really suits her
I got it from a dog bakery here in Kansas city. It's called Three dog Bakery. They have about 40 locations around the US. the little brownies in the picture are called Boxer of course...I HAD to get them, lol.

She was going to be a bee, but the L was too small, so we had to get the tinker bell costume... :D

:lol: Kaci looks like a body builder in a too too. :lol:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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