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Thats nice of you to bring her in. She must have been scared being out there all alone. I would have kept her as well. She is absolutely gorgeous. My gf is the same way, she stopped the other week to pick this Boston Terrier up on her way to my house when it was pouring rain while he was running full sprint down the service road about 3 miles away. She brought him home, gave him a bath, fed him, He looked a little thin, and we bought him toys, he was very happy. He even started sleeping with me. But he was very well house trained, when i left for work he never had an accident. We were just going to keep him and a guy went around our neighborhood that lived a block down from me and it turned out to be his dog. We named him and everything, Bandit, sweet dog. :cry: So we had to say our goodbyes. But it was hard because i got too attached to the little guy. But the guy was so glad that he was fine that he said anytime we want to we can go by and visit him which we have done a few times.  :D

heres some pics we got of him after we cleaned him up.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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