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Pictures of my two Boxers

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I thought I'd share these photos of my two boxers. The fawn and black is our newest addition, we just adopted him last night! His name is Samson and he's 16 months old and getting a neuter appointment at our vet ;) . The black and white is Spooky, our 8yo female spayed Boxer rescue that we've owned for the past two years and who originally sold us on the Boxer breed and made us want to adopt a second one!


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Welcome, Elizabeth and crew! You'll love it here.   You're babies are precious!  Can't wait to hear all about them.
Oh My God, it's Hector!!!  Right down to the little white splodge on top of the nose!

Welcome to the forum, your dogs are gorgeous.
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Good looking dogs! :D
Samson really does look like Hector! :eek:
Beautiful babies and I have become really partial to fawns lol.  Actually I haven't found a color that I don't like.  Welcome to the forum and can't wait to see more pictures of both of your puppies.  Spooky is very unique too!
They are both so cute, Samson does look a lot like Hector, adorable.  So glad you rescued.
Very good photos there! I can't wait to see more photos!

your babies are so cute! can't wait to see more pics!
Welcome from Texas! Your pups are beautiful. My babies are rescues as well.
Your babies are so cute! Welcome to Boxer Forums!!! Good to have you! Keep posting the pics!
They are both just gorgeous!
Oh my goodness, It is Hector!!!! Lol they are both look fabulous....
they both look so beautiful!
Spooky is beautiful! I'd love to see more pics of her.
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