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Plain yogurt given daily?

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Have any of you heard of the idea of feeding yogurt mixed with the dry food to boxers every morning to help with the dog's digestion and allergy problems?  How much yogurt and how much food for a 7 week old puppy?
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I don't really have the answer to that questions, but I'd assume the thing to do is start with a small amount like a teaspoon.  When we got Sophie we mixed a little canned food with a little water and then stirred in 1 teaspoon of plain canned pumpkin (to keep the stool firm), and then stirred the dry kibble into the kind of soupy mixture.  She still gets that every day just not much water now, I've not tried the yogurt, as she has had no allergies or problems like that, and she has never had a problem with diarreah either.  Good luck with you new baby.
When my 8 week old puppy was sick I mixed about 1 tablespoon of Organic Plain Yogurt in with his dry food and it seemed to help his tummy.

What type of food are you feeding?  If you're already having allergy issues, you might want to consider switching foods.  
There are lots of posts on here regarding what brands rated highest.  Just watch for foods that have any 'by-products' and corn in them.  I feed Solid Gold - Wolf Cub Bison/Salmon kibble and really like it.

Good luck with your new baby and Welcome!
We also give yogurt to fight off infections caused by over production of yeast.
I give Maddie about 2 tablespoons of plain low fat unsweetened yogurt every night. She has an issue with throwing up bile every night if I don't give her the yogurt every day.
Eating yogurt with live active cultures helps to reestablish a healthy intestinal balance by increasing the beneficial bacteria in the system, especially while or after giving antibiotics. It also helps with the gas that Boxers are notorious for.  8O
I don't mix it with her food because I find that if I mix it, I usually throw most of it out so I just give it right before going to bed and she slurps it up. If you are going to start your pup on the yogurt I would just give a teaspoon or two to start. Just make sure it is the unsweetened plain variety as they do not need the extra sugar.  :wink:
we used yogurt to balance Isis out and put weight on her when we got her...she was 17 pounds at 4 yrs worked wonderfully..she had kennel cough, secondary name it...

it was great..i still add every so often but as you see..shes a little uhmmm fat...haha...time to run again...
I use to give mine each a teaspoon every day, but Angel is getting to be a picky eater so now I rotate what I add..They love it more actually when I just drop a spoon full in their bowl or let them lick the cartons...As she is just a pup, I would start with small amounts and just make sure it's plain, and fat free...
I give Debo 2 tablespoons every day. It's good for them and they love it. I had been mixing it in their food, but then he doesn't eat all of his food and the food gets wasted (gets soggy).
Yeah tootsie!! You should do an informercial!!!!  great info.
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I give Blue 2 tbsp. of yogurt everyday!  I really like the Stoneyfarm Plain low fat the best.  When we got him he was throwing up all the time, and it just never stopped until we gave him the yogurt.  Now I live by it, I'm afraid to skip a day!  And it's a nice healthy treat for him!
Do you all use just regular yogurt you buy at the grocery store?
I use the Stoneyfield Farms lowfat unsweetend plain yogurt. I like it because of all the live active cultures, probiotics, and it's organic. I guess any brand would do, just make sure it is lowfat and unsweetened, they don't need any of the added sugar.  :wink:
Since Tyson already eats his food like normal, I don't add anything, would this be something I should start doing?
I actaully think Tootsie gave me this advice back in May when we got Blue.  I buy the Organic Stoneyfarm Plain lowfat yogurt.  Blue loves it, and it seems to work with his sensitive stomach too
I give Merlin a little over a teaspoon every day. He's 10 months old and 65 lbs.
You don't have to add it to his food. I give it to Maddie right before going to bed at night. She just gets 2 tbs right off a plate. She has issues with throwing up bile if she doesn't get it.
You can give it to Tyson as a treat alone, or fill a kong with some yogurt and freeze it for a treat. I bet he'd love that!  :D
I give yogurt occasionally, but when I want to support the immune system, or when I'm giving antibiotics, I give straight probiotics - far more bang for the buck than yogurt.  Most yogurts don't really have a ton of live bacteria because they're pasteurized (a process which kills bacteria); some brands (more and more these days, no doubt) will add bacteria back into the yogurt post-pasteurization.  I give the liquid probiotics, from the refrigerator section of the health food store; others give capsules or powders, but I've found the liquids are better tolerated by my crew.
I don't do yogurt, as some dogs have issues with dairy. Instead I supplement with a high quality probiotic supplement. The product that I use is called "DogZymes Digestive Enhancer" and is available from a company called Nature's Farmacy:
Thanks for the link Jessica. I will definitely check that out as Maddie has definitely got some digestive issues.  :)
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