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I posted this on the "Seattle area Boxer bounce" forum on But I'll just copy and paste it for you guys. I'm sooo tired of waiting for some one to post a meet so I figured that I would do it for a birthday present for me I guess haha.

Saturday DEC 5th Marymoor In Redmond At the off leash Dog park (Marymoor) at 1pm. Ill be there with my little guy. Marymoor has 40 acres for your dog to run around in. Not saying we are going to cover all that ground but hey who knows. You can email me if you like other wise I hope to see a lot of you there. As of Sunday the 29th the weather looks good for that day but if it rains I don’t expect to see many people there and that’s understandable. I'll be at the western entrance at 1 pm. :clap2: :clap2:

Post up if you can come...or not. Email me for my phone number if you need it.


[email protected]

And for those of you who are on Msn messenger you can IM me at [email protected]
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