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Play time...

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Okay, so I'm having a little trouble getting Koa (10lbs) to play "nicely" with other dogs.  

Example 1:
When Koa plays with Maggie (rat terrier), he doesn't stop getting in her face to the point where she has to snap to get him to back off.  He keeps going at her over and over and over again, even when I pull him away.  He uses his little boxer hands to punch at Maggie which is normal boxer play and then uses a playful growl to get her to play.  He will also try to put his front paws on her back (dominant?).  But, he's just non-stop and makes her angry.  When it gets a little out of control, I pull him back for a time out.  

Example 2:
When I introduced him to my brother's lab puppy, Shadow (40lbs), he doesn't really care for her cause the tables are turned.  Shadow is pretty hyper and we tried to tire her out before the introduction.  I let shadow sniff Koa and vice versa.  Shadow keeps lunging at him to play and he doesn't like it one bit.  He uses his really angry growl and tries to bite her.  We tried to keep Shadow in the down position and he will only sniff but once she lunges, Koa goes into attack mode.    

Any advice on how to get them to play "nicely"?
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is this still going on? i missed this lol..i think they have to just work it out i really dont think Koa will hurt her or vice versa but im not there either annd im not expert lol..i do know that labs are so so sweet and as pups love to play..and as adults lol..i think Koa is afraid..and thats how hes saying it..maybe you involved is making it worse? ask Liz it might be like kids..if we let them work it out sometimes its better..same with dogs..well my dogs anyway..Onyx my blk lab was the same way koa is acting when we first got isis..shed try and play with him lick his face all that and hed snap growl everything..he wwas nervous..only took about a week and then they were inseperble..

ask liz on this one..:)
Yeah I don't know, Oggie tries to dominate every dog he see.  Not that he's trying to bite them, but jumps up onto them constantly, paws to the face and neck, etc.  When he meets another boxer they go at it, paws in each other faces, growling, barking, it's like war.  But I've read that's just how they play and short of them really hurting each other, you just have to let them work it out.  I'm sure Liz would have better answers
Hey guys, a quick update...

1) Koa had to spend last Saturday with Maggie while we were out.
Told ya so!!!!  ROFLMAO!!!!  WTG Koa!!!!!!!!!
I've gotten so used to way Boxers "box", how do other dogs play?
Dangit..... ok liz, public "Thank You Liz" and "You're Wonderful"
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!  your welcome...the public thank you isnt necessary...but it is funny...nowimgoing to takemy sister, lilly, on a walk...roflmaoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
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