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I've just ended my work for Get Your Best Resume Assistance at and decided to write an article on " how to play with your dog, list of the most interesting games", hope you'll like it.
Always follow the basic rule: any game stops immediately if your dog's teeth touch your skin. This will help avoid injuries and bites in the future, teach the dog to be more attentive.

Most dogs instinctively play tug-of-war games. Choose a long, stuffed toy (for example, a knotted rope) that you can grab, grab the toy with your hands, and have the dog try to pull it from you ("Take it away!"). After the dog does not release the rope for ten to twenty seconds, you can give other commands such as "Drop it!"

It will take time to teach the dog the commands. Use positive reinforcement and goodies.

Contrary to popular belief, it's okay to let your dog beat you sometimes. This is a good tactic to help build confidence and does not give the dog a reason to automatically consider himself a leader.

Bait stick (dog fishing rod)
This is a quick way to tire your dog. Ideal for hyper-active pets, hardy hunting and herding dogs.

It is a long stick with a rope attached to the end. At the end of this rope there is a bait that lures the dog in pursuit. Great exercise and mental stimulation, a way to let the dog chase its natural prey. Great for practicing basic impulse control like releasing on command.

When playing, remember to let the dog "win", sometimes catching the bait as a reward. By letting them win, you make the game more attractive and fun, and this will encourage the pet to keep playing. If they don't have that chance of winning, they may be disappointed.

You can make your own pole out of PVC pipe, shovel shaft, etc., with a rope and some kind of toy.

If the animal has joint problems, do not use a bait stick, as this can lead to further damage to the joints, choose exercises with a lower physical impact.

Teach your dog to bring things on command. Many sporting dogs were bred for the purpose of fetching (eg retrievers), but in fact almost all dogs love to play this game. You can use a standard toy (ball) or something like a frisbee or disc. Draw the dog's attention to the object while it is still in your hand, make sure the pet's eyes track it as you move it, and then drop the toy. Call the dog back and use the "Drop" command, just like in a tug-of-war.

Super-durable toy for large breed dogs made of innovative high-strength rubber.

If the dog does not always bring, throw next to you, and then you can slowly increase the distance. Change the distance and height at which you throw the toy, and the pet will not get bored.

Hide and seek with the dog
This game is great because it encourages dogs to use their sense of smell. Take your dog's favorite toy or some treats and hide until the dog can see it. Then call her, let her find you. Praise and reward your dog with a treat or toy.

Use the "Stay!" Command to prevent the dog from following you while you hide. If your dog doesn't already know this command, this is a great game to learn. Someone can help hold the dog with this command while you hide, and then you need to release it as soon as you call.

First, choose very simple hiding places, this way you will train the dog to play, gradually hide more difficult. Once your dog is pro, you can completely hide from sight, forcing the dog to use his sense of smell to find you. Then this game can be played on the street.

By the way, if you have nowhere to hide, this is not a reason to give up the game. Find 3-4 places in the room where you can hide, hide there one by one, this is more than enough for your pet!

Tag game
You need a partner. Each of you is located on your side of the room with a toy or some kind of treat. Take turns calling the dog and rewarding it when it comes up. Make sure your dog gets a lot of treats every time he obeys the command. This is a simple and fun way to reinforce a credible "Come to me!" Response.

Find the goodies!
Many dogs never get tired of playing in search of treats. It doesn't matter that you choose the same 10-20 cover and that you always play with sliced carrots. Your lack of creativity doesn't bother the dogs at all. Searching is anyway mentally stimulating, a fun way to hone your natural sense of smell.

Start by placing the treats on the floor while your dog is in the "Wait" position. Give the dog the command to free and call "Find Treats". Point to them and say "You can." Encourage praising every time your pet finds a treat.

Then you can slowly start increasing the difficulty of the places where you hide the goodies.
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